Wizards Unite: Rewards from Portkeys – Mechanics confirmed!

Portkey mechanics have been a mystery for some time now, but thanks to the amazing Wizarding community, we are now able to confirm how Portkeys work and what Fragments you can expect to obtain from them!

For more generic details on Portkeys, click here. This this article will focus on the Fragments you can obtain from each specific Portkey.

Things to know

  • There is currently no way to distinguish Portkeys on the map;
  • 2 KM Portkeys lead to Hagrid’s Hut OR Borgin & Burkes;
  • 5 KM Portkeys lead to Borgin & Burkes;
  • 10 KM Portkeys lead to Ollivander’s Shop;
  • Each of the three locations allows collection of a different specific set of Fragments randomly allocated.

That being said, considering that one can know where each Portkey will take them to, it means that you can now have an idea of what Fragments you can expect from each Portkey, as per the table or the infographics (from the amazing OrangeWizard2019) below!

Hagrid's HutBorgin and BurkesOllivandersHoneydukesDolores Umbridges' OfficeForbiddent Forest
Acromantula EggsArthur WeasleyA Beginner's Guide to TransfigurationDeluminatorAlastor MoodyBrilliant Snargaluff
Magick Moste EvileBoogart CabinetA History of MagicExtendable Ears
Dirigible PlumDemiguiseHogwarts: A HistoryFanged Frisbee
Hagrid's umbrellaDragon EggBuckbeakWeasleys' Flying Car
NifflerMinistry ExecutionerChudley CannonsYoung Harry Potter
Occamy EggsFoe-GlassDark MarkPickett
Dumbledore's Army Dueling DummyYoung Ginny WeasleyGoblet of FireSwooping Evil
Prophecy RecordHorned SerpentInquisitorial Squad Badge
QuaffleFlock of Interdepartmental MemosPensieve
Gryffindor StudentDumbledore's Memory CabinetSkeeter's Quick-Quotes Quill
Mirror of ErisedSorting Hat
Monster Book of MonstersThe Veil
Nimbus2000Harry Potter's Wand
Baby Norwegian RidgebackHermione Granger's Wand
Quidditch World CupRon Weasley's Wand
Self-Playing HarpSeverus Snape's Wand
Sirius Black
Portrait of Voldemort
Portrait of Albus Dumbledore
Young Ginny Weasley

Kicking off a new Research Project – Portkey Drop Rates

However, there will always be more things to figure out, and that includes drop rates from Portkeys! We are therefore making another call for help! Make sure to submit your Portkey rewards right here to shred some light on this mystery!

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