Wizards Unite: Update 2.1.0 – Patch notes and a deeper look into 2.1.0!

On July 16, 2019, a new update rolled out for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (update 2.1.0). While some of the features it contains may sound promising, others, on the contrary, are bad news to casual players. Let’s dive in.

New Updates
Bug Fixes
Known Issues
A deeper look into update 2.1.0 – SPOILER ALERT

New Updates

Major updates

  • Notification indicating you are low on Spell Energy before entering a Wizarding Challenge;
  • Spell Energy now displayed on the Map Screen;
  • New Challenge Registry Portrait and Foundables: Symbols of the Wizarding World III;
  • All Exstimulo Potion effects have been increased for Wizarding Challenges;
  • New Foundables added: Neville Longbottom, Omnioculars, Exploding Snap House of Cards, Blast-Ended Skrewt, and Professor Flitwick (Click here to know how you can encounter them, their Threat Level, etc.)
  • The spellcasting accuracy boost glitch exists no more;
  • XP decrease for lower Floors of Fortresses;
  • XP increase for higher Floors of Fortresses.

While many complain about the XP changes to Fortresses, it only makes sense and it is something that should have been implemented from Launch. However, it appears that Runestones no longer have any effect on the XP gain from Wizarding Challenges. This, on the other, has not been welcomed by anyone at this point.

Minor updates

  • Code Name can be modified once only through Settings;
  • Added Butterbeer Cork Necklace Portrait Lenses; unlocks at Level 4
  • Added Death Eater Smoke Portrait Frame; unlocks at Level 25
  • 3 new Stickers: Beauxbatons carriage, Durmstrang ship, and Beauxbatons butterflies
  • 2 new purchasable Stickers: Malfoy Family Crest and Summer Whomping Willow

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have reportedly been fixed:

  • Lessons tutorial not activating upon reaching level 6;
  • Issues picking up Ingredients on the Map with low data reception;
  • Daily Treasure appearing blank;
  • Briefly seeing the AR/AR+ background when returning a Foundable.

Know Issues

This part, we certainly appreciate, as it demonstrates that Niantic/WB is listening to players’ feedback as well as showing what the Developers are working on.

  • Inverted Portkey exploration;
  • Unable to share Ministry ID (iPad only);
  • European Spanish loading Latin American Spanish;
  • Failing downloading assets from the Settings;
  • Unable to leave the Registry screen when exiting the game during Hagrid’s tutorial;
  • Various Network Errors.

A Deeper Look Into Update 2.1.0

As usual, any update usually contains its share of hidden data. Below, we will present every element that were reported by Zviznemte! As usual, these elements may or may not be accurate or legitimate. They can also be misinterpreted or misleading. We advise our readers to read with caution.


New Foundables

A new set of Foundables’ visual assets were reportedly found in the code (no tags), and we must admit, if those prove to be legitimate, they look very good and exciting! This set seems to focus on something many of us are dying to see more of in Wizards Unite: Quidditch!

If these prove to be legitimate, which is generally the case with Zviznemte, we must admit that Luna looks AMAZING with her lion headgear, that Neville looks insanely sharp (not what we’re used to with Neville), and that the Quidditch player looks ready to fight!

Brilliant Yule Ball

Zviznemte also reports having found new Foundables in both their regular and Brilliant and Regular variants associated with the Yule Ball!

  • Angelina Johnson and Fred Weasley
  • Rubeus Hagrid and Madame Maxime
  • Harry Potter and Parvati Patil
  • Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum

Now this would make for a very exciting Brilliant Event! The Yule Ball is an iconic event in the Harry Potter universe, and seeing Traces related to it in Wizards Unite would be extremely exciting!

New Potions

Two new Potions have reportedly been found.

Trace Detection Potion – Increases your perception of Trace magic, revealing more Traces as you explore.

Polyjuice Potion – No description

New Brilliant Events/Foundables

Finally, according to Zviznemte, there would be hints related to potentially upcoming Brilliant Events. These would apparently take the form of ‘folders’, but would reportedly be empty at this time, most likely in preparation of upcoming Brilliant Events.

Two new traces of Brilliant Foundables have also reportedly been found.

  • Fawkes
  • Pensieve

While we’re not exactly sure what Brilliant Event these two could be related to, it would seem that Niantic/WB has A LOT more in store for the Wizarding Community!

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