How to attend Wizards Unite Fan Festival (WU Fest) – Guide

Nearly one month ago, Niantic/WB Games announced the very first Wizards Unite Fan Festival, a two day event where Wizards and Witches from all over the world will gather to immerse themselves in an exclusive event (for which the details remain unconfirmed at this time).

If you’re not pumped for this Event, keep in mind that we recently had confirmation that Dragons would soar in Wizards Unite for the first time through this Event!

When: Labor Day Weekend, August 31 to September 1
Where: White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Participant Guide: Click here

Luckily, as we had suspected and thanks to a recent find by Zviznemte in the code of the game (an in-app HP ticket logo redirecting to a Niantic Events related URL, see image on the left), the details on how to participate/attend the Wizards Unite Fan Festival were shared during the Wizards Unite panel from the San Diego Comic Con. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Confirmed Features for Wizards Unite Fan Festival

  • New Traces;
  • New Oddities;
  • Dragons;
  • and potentially more!

How to get tickets to WU Fest

The above logo already appears on the main screen of your game. Tapping it will take you to the events page, where you will be able to enter a Lottery.

Said Lottery will NOT guarantee your participating, but will allow you enter a draft (date of the draft to be confirmed) to possibly have a chance at being allowed to purchase your ticket to the event.

How to enter the Lottery:
  1. Launch the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app;
  2. Open up your Suitcase;
  3. Tap the HP Ticket logo on the main screen of the game;
  4. Select the event you wish to attend (there is only one at this time);
  5. Enter your information (email) at the web page you were redirected to;
  6. Hope that when the draft takes place, your name is drafted;
  7. Wait until the drawing period ends.
How to receive/redeem your Ticket:
  1. Based on a rolling basis, winners will be selected at random until all Tickets have been awarded and claimed;
  2. Check your email inbox regularly to see if you are among the lucky ones. Registration and purchase details will be sent to the email you entered for the Lottery;
  3. You should have up to 48 hours to redeem your ticket;
  4. If as for Pokémon GO Fest, players should be able to purchase up to four tickets (make sure to enter the usernames correctly);
  5. Ticket purchased? Congrats! Now make sure you know how to prepare for it thanks to our complete participant guide!

Your tickets will be linked to your Wizards Unite account. Attendance will be restricted to one specific date for each Wizards/Witches. If the process proves to be the same as with Pokémon GO, do not expect a confirmation email.

For more information, check the official Niantic Support web page for the Wizards Unite Fan Festival and the Live Events Registration page.

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