San Diego Comic Con Wizards Unite Recap – Dragons flying in at WU Fest + Adventure Sync coming soon!

This recap is based on reports and insights from participants, mainly PokeFodderYT, SlytherrWin, and WizardPhD.

Felicia Day, actress known for various roles, but mainly for her role as Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural, moderated the Panel. Felicia was joined by the following (highly ranked) guests:

  • Mary Casey (Executive Director of Product – WB Games San Francisco)
  • April Stegall (Senior Art Manager – WB Games San Francisco)
  • Archit Bhargava (Director of Worldwide Marketing – Niantic Labs)
  • Alex Moffit (Product Manager – Niantic Labs)

Quote of the day

You don’t have to be a Harry and that’s ok. Everyone is important and that’s ok. You’re a wizard and this is your opportunity to be special.

Mary Casey – Executive Director of Product – WB Games San Francisco

A gallery of images from the Panel is available at the end of the article.

Upcoming Features in Wizards Unite

Since this is probably what you are here for, here are the upcoming features that were discussed during the Panel:

Adventure Sync is coming soon!

A feature that was in high demand by Wizards and Witches familiar with Pokémon GO: Adventure Sync will reportedly be implemented in the upcoming update!

Adventure Sync allows the game to keep track of your walking distance and progress, and even steps, to be synced with Wizards Unite without requiring the game to be opened! This means that you will save on battery life while able to have your walking progress count towards Portkey distance, all while the screen of your phone is off!

Dragons are coming to Wizards Unite!

You read this right, it was confirmed that Dragons would fly in the game starting at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis!

While Dragons have only been confirmed as Oddities for the time being, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dragons being immersed into every current aspects of the game.

Common Welsh Green
Antipodean Opaleye

The only thing we know about Dragons in Wizards Unite is that they will be region locked, and that specific characters associated to them will be introduced in the game!

How would you like that Dragons be implemented in the game?

Wizards Unite Fan Festival

While not the biggest announcement of the Panel, but one that fans of the game have been anxiously waiting for over the last month, the details on how to participate/attend the Wizards Unite Fan Festival! For more details on this, check out our guide right here.

Community Day

Finally, to end on an even greater note, it was announced that Wizards and Witches in the San Diego vicinity would have the chance to witness, a day early, a preview of Community Day, with various guests such as WizardPhD, PokeFodderYT, SlytherrWin, and several of the featured guests from the Panel.

Other Announcements/Information

  • Regionals were reportedly teased at many occasions already. Dragons will be region locked.
  • Current storyline focuses on a love story between Nel and Grim, which will grow and evolve as you progress.
  • Mary Casey mentioned that the story of Wizards Unite is all about their characters and their relationships. There are several more characters to come!
  • Why houses aren’t prominent? For this game it was important for everyone to have their own story and that didn’t align with the whole world going to one school. We wanted to crest a global experience to share. – Mary Casey
  • The art style for Wizards Unite is inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, with a touch of whimsical.
  • Nothing on the map is there by accident. Everything you see on the screen is there for a reason and for you to figure out. – Alex Moffit
  • Hints were given about the rain being a determining factor in spawns, especially after the rain. Some research will be conducted!
  • Animations were done using real people in CGI suits.

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  1. Why houses aren’t prominent? For this game it was important for everyone to have their own story and that didn’t align with the whole world going to one school. We wanted to crest a global experience to share. – Mary Casey

    This is obviously not the case, as if that were so we would not be limited to simply the hogwarts houses to choose from. There are four houses in Ilvermony alone, and 13 famous and historic wizarding schools, not to mention the hundreds that are not big name schools they could create. If they wanted it to feel global and truly augmented into reality we would have these options but that’s not the case.

    1. I feel like Hogwarts is because everyone knows their Hogwarts houses. Even if Ilvermony houses were options, I would still choose Ravenclaw because that’s how I’ve identified since junior high. But it is true that houses aren’t prominent, you choose your house when you create your profile and it never comes up… it doesn’t have exclusive benefits like the professions do.

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