Wizards Unite scores the second largest launch for an AR mobile game!

The numbers from Sensor Tower, a company that provides Usage, App, Store, Ad, and Financial intelligence on the App economy, are in, and it is confirmed: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite reached the second largest launch in history for an AR mobile game, second to Pokémon GO.

While Wizards Unite represents slightly more than 1/30 of what Pokémon GO was able to accomplish, the fact remains that it has grown to become the second biggest AR mobile game in history.

In terms of downloads, Wizards Unite was also second only to Pokémon GO in its first month. It was installed more than 15 million times compared to 182 million for Niantic’s previous title. Jurassic World Alive ranked No. 3 by this measure with 6.5 million downloads, followed by The Walking Dead: Our World and Ghostbusters World with 1.6 million and 1.2 million installs, respectively.

Oliver Yeh – Founder at Sensor Tower

Of course, Wizards Unite has still a lot of growth ahead of its life. However, considering that it was expected to barely reach $10 million after a month, yet it managed to exceed expectations is certainly a good sign.

Furthermore, with the recent announcements from the Wizards Unite panel at the San Diego Comic Con, the game is expected to know an ever bigger growth in the months to come.

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