Introducing the four Dragons coming to Wizards Unite at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival

As you probably all know by now, it was announced during the recent Wizards Unite panel at the San Diego Comic Con (more details here) that Dragons will be soaring in the game as part of the Wizards Unite Fan Festival at the end of August.

At this stage, we know extremely little about how these creatures will be implemented, aside from the fact that they will be encounterable as Oddities in the wild, AND that they will be region-locked. This means that each Dragon will be exclusive to specific parts of the world that remain to be determined.

We also know that there will be four Dragons, while only two have been showcased through in-game footage (see videos at the end of the article). While the names of the Dragons have been confirmed for only two of them, a little digging based on the banner image allowed us to find interesting information about each Dragon. Furthermore, in the Harry Potter universe, there are several more kinds of Dragons so one can expect more to be released in the future! Now, let’s dive in!

Fun Fact #1
All four of the following Dragons will be available at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival before being regionally locked. So if you want to put your hands on all four easily, make sure to get your tickets. More details here!

Fun Fact #2
In the Harry Potter lore, no Dragons are known to roam North America. It is therefore extremely exciting, and somewhat troubling, to know that this part of the world will be seeing Dragons soon. North America would normally see Thunderbirds and Pudgewedgies as regional creatures.

Common Welsh Green

The Common Welsh Green can be observed as the top Dragon on the left screenshot of the banner image. This creature has a grass green appearance, but is more famously known for its distinctive, musical roar.

Typical Habitats: Wales
Speculated Region for HPWU: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India

Antipodean Opaleye

The Antipodean Opaleye is one of the most beautiful dragons [can be observed in the second video below, and as the bottom Dragon on the right screenshot of the banner image], with shimmering scales and pupil-less, multicoloured eyes. It produces a very vivid scarlet flame.


Typical Habitats: New Zealand (but also known to migrate to Australia)
Speculated Region for HPWU: New Zealand and Australia

Chinese Fireball

The Chinese Fireball Dragon can be observed on the bottom of the left screenshot from the banner image. This creature, while famous for its brilliant red and gold thick leathery skin, it was named for the rounded balls of fire that it can shoot through its nostrils.

Typical Habitats: China
Speculated Region for HPWU: Asia-Pacific Region

Peruvian Vipertooth

The Peruvian Vipertooth, known for its smooth scales and dangerously venomous fangs can be observed as the top Dragon on the right screenshot from the banner image. This Dragon is also known to be the smallest kind of Dragons with a particular taste for humans.

Typical Habitats: Peru
Speculated Region in HPWU: The Americas and Greenland

Common Welsh Green
Antipodean Opaleye

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