Wizards Unite Fan Fest: Participant Guide

Wait, Jibs does collaborative articles? Well yes of course! We love to promote content from the community, and who’s a better guide for Indianapolis’s Wizards Unite Fan Fest than a local! Many thanks to LadyBrittany (see her info at the end) for putting this together so fast!

Hello Everyone! My name is LadyBrittany and I have put together a guide for my hometown of Indianapolis, IN for the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival on Labor Day Weekend, August 31 – September 1, 2019!

A little background on myself. I have played Pokemon GO since launch and have been heavily involved in my community and with the Youtubers and Content Creators! I have also been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite since launch and am loving it so far! I am lvl 40, Team Mystic in PoGO and am currently lvl 17 in HP:WU and a Professor! I play both games with my fiance, Michael, and my 7 year old. I am incredibly excited for the first event to be in Indianapolis and cannot wait to tell you about the area its going to be in! So without further ado let’s dive into this guide!

Through this guide, we will cover the following topics:

Transportation and Hotels

Luckily, Niantic has partnered with Visit Indy to give a lot of Hotel benefits in the area. Honestly, the prices for a holiday weekend downtown are AMAZING. I have looked at some Airbnb options in the area and they tend to be a bit more expensive and not always in a good area and require more traveling to get to White River State Park. All of the hotels listed online are in wonderful locations and there is a map view option as well so you can see how close you are to the park!

There are 4 hotels located right across the street from White River State Park, and all of them offer discounted prices for the Event:

  • JW Marriott Indianapolis
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Indianapolis Downtown
  • Springhill Suites Indianapolis Downtown
  • Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Indianapolis.

I would take advantage of the offered discounted rates while they last! You can find those offers here!

Food Locations

With the White River State Park being located in downtown Indianapolis, there are a lot of options for food just a couple of blocks away. Another thing that is common for events in Indianapolis is to have a bunch of food trucks at the park. It has been announced that these will be at the Fan Festival, they will be convenient, close, and cheap! Indianapolis is pretty well known for our breweries, steak houses, and hospitality!

$Giorgio’s Pizza
Maki of Japan
Spice Box
Cafe 251
Pizza de Tito
$$Le Peep
Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles
Sushi Boss
District Tap
Dick’s Last Resort (known for sarcastic/terrible service on purpose definitely a fun experience)
$$$Weber Grill
The Old Spaghetti Factory
Cafe Patachou
The Ram
$$$$St. Elmo Steakhouse
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
The Capital Grille
Harry & Izzy’s
The Oceanaire Seafood Room

A third option is Circle Center Mall (a Simon Property Group mall) located at 49 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204. There is a food court on the third floor of the mall with plenty of options to choose from as well as a nice reprieve from the heat!


There is parking available in an underground garage at the Indiana State Museum 801 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

You can also use this website to find metered parking as well as garage prices and availability. It also goes over public transportation and has some helpful maps you can print ou

You can also use ParkWhiz to reserve parking ahead of time, which is strongly recommended for Labor Day Weekend!

Park Layout

Official map for the Wizards Unite Fan Festival

Pink outlines the White River State Park. its 250 acres and includes the Indianapolis Zoo. 

Purple is the Canal. It’s a wonderful 3 mile long walkway. Part of this is included in White River State Park and part is owned by Indianapolis.

Orange is where you will find most dining options and a ton more HPWU to do outside of the park!

This section will be updated later once Niantic has posted how much of the park they have rented out for the event.

Areas to Avoid

Honestly if you are staying in the downtown area and don’t venture too far past the zoo or too far past the circle you will be fine! Traveling farther east or west is where things get a bit dicey.

What to Pack

In Indianapolis, during Labor Day Weekend, it should be around 85/95 Farenheit (around 30 Celcius) and humid. There are always possibilities of storms but for the most part, the weather should be clear or partly cloudy. Here’s what you should pack!

  • Light clothing fit for summer
  • A small umbrella OR poncho OR light rain jacket
  • A light jacket for the cooler nights
  • Shoes suitable for walking
  • Battery Packs and extra chargers (just in case that good ol’ cable dies)
  • A hat
  • A reusable water bottle (it is fairly easy to refill your bottle around the venue or at the water stations at the venue)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (no aerosol containers)
  • Tissues (just in case)
  • Snacks

Tips and Tricks

If you are coming from out of the country, make sure to get a working sim card or plan for the USA. Since HPWU is sponsored by AT&T I would recommend seeing if they have any deals for the weekend of the event!

You are able to enter the drawing for tickets now! If you are chose you can purchase a ticket for yourself and 3 friends (on your in game friends list) for a total of 4 tickets! Ticket prices are $30 for General admission 11am – 7pm, and $40 for Early Access 9am – 7pm. The extra 2 hours is wonderful as the park won’t be as crowded and cell service will be better. You are able to bring kid, friends, or family members without them being required to also purchase a ticket. You will also be able to re-enter the park and leave as much as you like!

Packing sunscreen and bug spray before you leave may not be an option depending on your airline but be sure to grab some! You will want to have both while at the park in the sun all weekend!

Most things will be within walking distance of the venue, so save money on Uber/Lyft and explore the city a bit! This will also help you unlock those Portkeys!

If you have any questions feel free to find me on the WUTubers discord! @LadyBrittany ! Be sure to also check out the official website for more FAQs and general information on the event. Let’s keep fighting the Calamity together and be the best Witches and Wizards the SOS Task Force has ever enlisted!

Or on Twitter @Lady_Brittany_ !


  1. I would like to bring my 2yo with me but have not been able to find any information on the minimum age that needs to buy a ticket. I have a ticket offer pending and need to find out soon if I can bring them. Do you have information regarding if all children need a ticket or will they allow that age group without a ticket? I don’t want to go all the way there to be turned away.

    1. Hey! You are more than welcome to bring any kiddos or friends without being required to purchase them a ticket! I am going to update this guide with a bit more information since they have announced everything and updated the website! The park will be open as well as you being able to re-enter! If they don’t have a ticket they will not be able to play the game in any capacity within the park however, so do keep that in mind. If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

    1. Hey! I can get some pictures for you but honestly it will look completely different for the event. When Pokemon GO has GO Fest in Chicago (which is essentially what Fan Festival is for HP:WU) They remove all of the regular stops and gyms and add a TON of new stops just for the event. I am sure they will do the same thing for this with new Inns added all over the place!

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