A complete and comprehensive guide to Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges

Greetings Witches and Wizards! Lady Brittany here with an in depth look at Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges! There is a lot of information when it comes to fortresses so I have tried to make this as simple and straightforward as possible. If you still have questions after this please put them in the comments and I will gladly update this.

Fortress Overview – Why complete Wizarding Challenges?

To make things a little easier moving forward in this guide everything is going to be referred to as a Wizarding Challenge (WC), for consistency! 

The First of the big reasons you should complete Wizarding Challenges is that you need to complete one each day for your daily tasks, it currently rewards +2 coins and when you do all 7 Daily assignments you get +8 coins for a total of +10 free coins each day.

The Second reason is to raise your challenge rank in your registry to receive Scroll Books/brown books. You need a lot of these to upgrade some of your skills in your Profession Skill Tree which we go over here.

The Third reason is to complete your registry! Some Foundables can only be found by completing WC, as well as tracking down some of those rarer, higher threat Foundables. You also receive XP towards the Family you returned the Foundable to, so you can raise those ranks as well!

Breakdown of Common Terms for WC

You can find an in depth breakdown of the three Professions (Auror, Magizoologist, & Professor) found here. This explains all of the skills available and their purpose in fortresses at each level as well as suggestions on how to move through your skill tree. I would suggest giving it a read as well so you know your profession a bit better and can maximize your scrolls and event only restricted books.

All Professions have these basic stats below. Here is a brief explanation of each one!

  • Stamina: The amount of Health you have
  • Power: The amount of Damage you deal
  • Protego Power: Determines how much damage your Protego spell blocks
  • Precision: Increases the odds of landing a critical cast
  • Critical Power: Determines the amount of additional damage you do when landing a critical hit
  • Proficiency and Proficiency Power: Determines how strong you are against something 
  • Deficiency and Deficiency Power: Determines how much Defense you have against foes that are strong against you
  • Defense: Determines your defense rating with all foes
  • Defense Breach: Lowers your foes’ defense so you inflict more damage.

There are three types of Foes currently in game. 

Currently Pixies and Werewolves

Erklings and Acromantulas (Spiders)

Dark Forces
Dark Wizards and Death Eaters

The Following Potions can be used in WC

  • Extimulo Potion – Improves spell cast in Traces and WC for 3 casts
  • Strong Extimulo Potion – Improves spell cast in Traces and WC for 4 casts
  • Potent Extimulo Potion – Tremendously improves spell cast in traces and WC for 5 casts
  • Healing Potion – Restores 35% of your maximum Stamina in Oddity Traces and WC
  • Wit-Sharpening Potion – Increases spell efficacy against Elite Foes in WC for 3 casts
  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir – Grants double Wizarding XP from Traces, WC, & Portkeys for 30 minutes 

Professions and how they matter

Below is a chart to show you what you have Proficiency (Strong), Neutral, and Defeciency (Weak) towards:

Proficient againstNeutral againstDeficient against
ProfessorCuriositiesBeastsDark Forces
MagizoologistBeastsDark ForcesCuriosities
AurorDark ForcesCuriositiesBeasts

As you can see, each Profession has Foes against which they are Proficient, Neutral, and Deficient. If you are Proficient you deal extra damage to the foe, and if you are Deficient you take extra damage. It is pretty straightforward and noticeable in game. You will have a green arrow next to a foe you have Proficiency towards and a red arrow you have Deficiency towards.

Each Profession has a set of skills they can use in the WC which require Focus to cast. You receive focus one of two ways.

  • By starting with a set initial focus;
  • By receiving one for defeating a foe.

You can tell which foes will give you focus because the will have a focus symbol in the bottom left corner of their avatar. When you click on the foe it will tell you how much focus the group receives once it is defeated.

Once you have enough focus, it is very easy to use your skill. They are located at the bottom of your screen and will light up when you have enough focus to use it. If the skill is used on a teammate to buff them you just drag the skill to them. If it is used on a foe to debuff them, apply the same concept of drag and drop on the foe you want to debuff. Our profession guide goes into more detail over skills and how you should use them so be sure to give it a read!

Fortress Floors, Difficulty, and Runestones

Now that you’ve had an overview of WC, Professions, and a bit of info on Foes let’s dive into Fortress Levels. Each Floor will increase in difficulty, the difficulty is also impacted by what the level of Runestone you use. Below is a chart that breaks that down for you! Truth be told, you can just keep going until you get to a point where you are using more potions than you are brewing. That has been my rule of thumb, then working on your skills to level up a bit more and keep going!

Huge shoutout to IanSnoopyd on Discord for getting us this information right after the fortress changes following update 2.1.0!

Enemy Breakdown and Tiers

As we went over above, there are 6 types of foes. Each foe has 5 different levels, and each of these levels can be elite, which means there are 10 different versions of each foe type for a total of 60 different possible foes to fight against in a WC!

Since new foes can be introduced at any point, perhaps even through special events, we will make sure to update this as things change as well! For now here is a list of each type of foe! With the recent changes we are currently working on verifying that the base stats of each foe has not changed, therefore this table may be subject to changes.

Possible Rewards 

Now for the fun part! What rewards can you earn for completing WC?

The factors at stake in deciding what you receive are:

  • The fortress floor/level you complete;
  • The level of runestone you use.

You are always going to receive Challenge XP and XP towards your Wizard Level. Possible rewards are going to range a little bit. On the lower floors you are more likely to receive books, while as you move up in the challenges you can receive other Foundables from the challenge section such as Joke Products and Wands! In terms of XP rewards, it goes as follows. Many thanks to Half_Blood_Princess for collecting the data and u/mrtrevor3 for putting the data together!

You are also able to receive fragments from the runestone family you used. For instance, if you used an Oddity runestone, you may receive Horned Serpent Eggs. Furthermore, it IS possible to receive both challenge fragments AND family fragments. You will only receive family xp if you receive a foundable from that family so keep this in mind when completing challenges!

Parting Thoughts

I hope that this helps you when getting together with friends in choosing which fortress level to take one. We would love to see your thoughts on how you are tackling these Wizarding Challenges and all the cool rewards you have been receiving on twitter or in the comments below! As always if you have any questions do ask below in the comments section. Let’s keep fighting the Calamity together and be the best Witches and Wizards the SOS Task Force has ever enlisted!

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