How Wizard’s Chess could be implemented in Wizards Unite

While rather limited in terms of the screen or literary presence in the Harry Potter universe, Wizard’s Chess remains an iconic concept that marked most, if not all, Potter fanatics. Who hasn’t pictured themselves being Ron on the Knight piece? What a moment!

That being said, and considering how Wizards Unite is only in the very early stages of its long life, many features are to eventually be introduced in the game, and one of those features that we are desperate for is Wizard’s Chess; especially considering the different exciting formats it could potentially adopt through Augmented Reality. Let’s dive in!

Note from the Editor
The feature discussed in this article is not available in the game, nor has it been announced or hinted at. This is purely speculative.

Tonehenge – The less likely option

Codename: Tonehenge is a project that was introduced by Niantic over a year ago, in June of 2018. Tonehenge is a multiplayer AR puzzle game independent of Wizards Unite, but when seeing how it actually works and looks, it clearly gives this Wizard’s Chess kind of vibe, doesn’t it?

While we would love to see Tonehenge being used as a stepping stone to Wizard’s Chess in Wizards Unite, the physical space requirements, i.e. a rather large open space, for it sadly makes it unlikely that it’ll be the adopted format.

Furthermore, if Wizard’s Chess is to be introduced in Wizards Unite, that would be most likely be done through Fortresses. While there is currently only one available feature in Fortresses, battle, the title of the interaction is ‘Wizarding Challenges’, which hints at a much broader and larger variety of potential actions and features than just battles.

That being said, and considering how large of an open space player would require to play Wizard’s Chess through Tonehenge, it simply wouldn’t be safe and adequate to use Tonehenge for this feature as many Fortresses’ available spaces often are on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, etc. In other words, in places where there is a lot of traffic and interruptions (regardless of it being cars or people), which would ultimately affect the game of Wizard’s Chess.

For Tonehenge to be the adopted mechanic for Wizard’s Chess, it would have to be implemented as a feature on its own, where people could actually play anywhere, which we feel is unlikely.

Build plate – The more likely option

With the recent rollout of Minecraft Earth‘s closed Beta, we’ve seen the concept of Build plates growing in use and accessibility for AR mobile games. In short, a Build plate is basically a plate on which multiple players can interact with each other through Augmented Reality (see video below at 1:12). Players simply have to share a QR code, and jump in together on the same Build plate and let the fun begin!

While Build plates can go up to 60 meters square, for the purpose of Wizard’s Chess, there could certainly be a smaller size limit implemented to ensure safety and accessibility in various locations. It would, nonetheless, be a much more accessible format.

Wizards and Witches could jump into battle against an AI together in Fortresses, or play against each other through the Friends’ system. These games would, obviously, include amazing animation sequences to immerse players even more, similar to what we all remember from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Players would be able to get closer to the Chess plate (We know it’s called “board”, but for our speculation purposes, we decided to call it a plate, deal with it) to have a better look at their Knight destroying the enemy’s King!

We genuinely believe that this would be a much more realistic format for Wizard’s Chess, and that it would help engage players together in Wizarding Challenges.

Parting Words

At Jibs, we are long time fans of Chess, so when we discovered Wizard’s Chess, no need to tell you how excited and impressed we were. Years later, we now have access to an Augmented Reality mobile game on the Harry Potter universe. Needless to say, our excitement just grew, and thus we are now very hopeful that one day, we will be able to play a game of Wizard’s Chess!

What are your thoughts on the two different formats Wizard’s Chess could be introduced from? Is it a feature you are desperately looking forward to? Do you think it could be introduced differently? Share your thoughts below!

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