How Sponsored Fortresses Compare to Regular Fortresses in Wizards Unite

There have been many requests to determine how Sponsored Fortresses compare to Regular Fortresses when it comes to Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Youtube star PokeFodderYT took it into his own hands to figure things out, and luckily, he agreed to share his findings with us so we could share them with you all. Make sure to subscribe to him right here to thank him for his efforts and amazing content!

In theory, Sponsored locations give better rewards and XP when compared to regular locations. Or at least, this how they are supposed to operate. However, Fodder’s findings indicate otherwise.


As we had previously recommended, Fodder opted to go for the following methodology.

  • Complete five Wizarding Challenges in regular Fortresses using the following set-up for each battle:
    • Floor 5
    • Runestone level 1 – Hogwarts Express
  • Complete five Wizarding Challenges in Sponsored Fortresses using the following set-up for each battle:
    • Floor 5
    • Runestone level 1 – Hogwarts Express

Fodder recorded the following information for each of the Battles:

  • Difficulty level;
  • Foes;
  • Rewards obtained;
  • XP gain.


Keep in mind that this is a rather small sample, so these results may differ slightly from what we would see from a larger sample. See a summary table of his data at the end of the article.

Using the exact same set-up (Runestone and Floors), compared to regular Fortresses, Sponsored Fortresses have:

  • increased odds of encountering Formidable Foes (30% higher);
  • higher Difficulty levels (801 vs 445), nearly twice higher;
  • more Foes per Floor (5-6 vs 3-4);
  • slightly increased amount of Family XP;
  • same amount of Challenge Fragments;
  • same amount of Registry Fragments;
  • same amount of XP.

In short, the only advantage that Sponsored Fortresses have over regular Fortresses is the increased odds of encountering Formidable Foes, which is a benefit for Tasks. If the odds really are what this small sample indicates, this is extremely bad news for Wizards and Witches outside locations with Sponsors (poor us Canadians). However, keep in mind that the more high level Foes you battle, the more demanding your battles will be in terms of time, Spell Energy, and potions.

That being said, it clearly feels like Sponsored Fortresses are simply too difficult for the poor rewards that one may obtain (which, at the end of the day, strictly is a very slight increase in Registry XP).

Is twice the difficulty, and therefore the additional investment in time, Spell Energy and Potions, worth it?

We don’t believe so, especially that we were given to believe that Sponsored locations are supposed to give better rewards to the users. Clearly, there is a need for more research from a larger sample, but this is a very good indication of the difference in mechanics between Sponsored and regular Fortresses nonetheless. One is left to wonder, are Sponsors aware of this?

C: Common
F: Formidable
I: Imposing


  1. Err, most of the consequences you name seem to be a direct result of the higher difficulty rating. I’m pretty sure the rate of formidable, the number of foes and so on are all determined by that number (800 will have a lot more than 400).

    So basically the only difference is that sponsored just puts you on a higher floor than the one you select?

    That’s actually awful because higher floors give more xp and more time, so now you’re doing a harder challenge and receiving less?

    If like to see more experimenting around similar difficulty level and different floors.

  2. After reading the above article, I went out and collected my own data which does not agree.

    The data presented is not accurate. Sponsored fortresses have the same difficulty level as non-sponsored fortresses. Sponsored fortresses output ~20% more challenge XP which seems to vary a bit between tower and rune stone combinations. That is the only difference between the two types of fortresses.

    Niantic made tweaks to fortresses in a recent update and this article should be updated to reflect the recent changes.

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