Minecraft Earth: Q&A with the Developers – Everything in MCE is designed to be part of the Minecraft universe!

Yesterday, the Minecraft Earth (MCE) Developers team invited people for an informal Q&A on their Discord Server. Luckily, some very exciting and useful intel came out of it!

Worldwide Release

There was no indication as to when the game will be released worldwide. It was however confirmed that MCE will be gradually rolled out and therefore NOT released worldwide at the same time.

Will other cities get access to the Closed Beta?

There are currently no plans to extend the Closed Beta to more cities. The staff felt very confident about this answer.

For iOS users who have signed up for Closed Beta, living in the selected cities, and who do NOT yet have access to MCE; the Developers have confirmed that MCE is being distributed through a thoughtful ramp up.

Will Android get access to the Closed Beta in the five selected cities?

Closed Beta for Android is expected for later this summer. No further details were provided.

Will players be able to use Mods or Resource Packs?

No Mods are expected to be available for MCE.

Online vs Offline play – Data consumption

Your accounts and builds are saved on the cloud, so you can pick up the game from anywhere, at anytime from any device and continue where you left it off. Therefore, users require access to the internet in order to play MCE. The Developers reported that data consumption will be fairly low, and that they are continuously working to provide a smoother experience for the users.


All Redstone components will eventually make its way to MCE, which is currently based on the Bedrock engine, so Redstone components retain those properties.

The Nether and the End

The Nether and the End will eventually make their way to Minecraft Earth so that players can recreate the entire Minecraft experience into MCE.

Users’ safety

Safety was definitely a constant concern when designing things. Safety can apply to the people playing in physical space, to their data, to our data, to people around others that are not currently playing. Luckily there have been some pioneers with similar games that we could look to and learn from.

Your Buildplate

Players can unlock new Buildplates that increase in size from 8×8 blocks to 16×16 and even bigger so that players are able to build whatever they can think of, and build with their friends.

The Developers are looking into expanding to larger sizes.


Players will be able to breed Mobs. One of the Developers, Ledski, also hinted at potential new Mobs and it was reported that there are more Mobs to come that haven’t been shown yet!

You’d like to see a variant of the Squid eh? Noted.


Q: Can you give us a tiny hint at a new Mob?
A: That would be a baaaaaaad idea

Dying on your Buildplate

Players cannot die on their Buildplate as this is where they build. However, one can play their Buildplates in full size in ‘Play’ mode as their own mini Adventures. One can certainly die in Play mode and in the Adventures, and lose their loot. No risk no reward!

What was the most difficult element to work with in order to turn Minecraft into an AR/Location-based game?

Multiple dimensions! Augmented Reality gets very complicated when it comes to digging down into a plate, or adding a second floor to your house.

Microtransactions – In-game store

Yes, MCE will have an in-game store. It was indicated that MCE will however, and thankfully, NOT sell loot boxes and NOT adhere the ‘pay to win’ format.

Regional exclusives

There are currently no plans to implement this concept, but they are looking into implementing different Biomes which would provide different resources.

Community/Cooperative oriented features

Of course, Buildplates are already a known element of the game focusing on cooperative/community mechanics. When asked if there would be more to MCE than just that, the Developers were quite evasive. Initially, players will be able to meet up and play with other people through Adventure on their Buildplates, but they are also looking into new systems to enhance the community aspect of the game.

We’re exploring options and we want YOUR IDEAS, the COMMUNITIES IDEAS. Please let us know what you want to do!!

Public Builds

Public builds are builds that players are able o build all over the real world, which can be accessed by any other player. For instance, you can start a build on an iconic statue in your town, and someone can add on to your build.

However, in some towns, players might be low on locations for public builds. Luckily, the Developers indicated being hard at work on a new exciting system that will specifically deal with this. Players will have several ways to show off their builds to the world!

Other important elements shared during the Q&A

  • Cross-play between Android and iOS is enabled;
  • Command blocks will NOT be a thing in MCE;
  • Private builds will NOT be moderated. Public builds most certainly will;
  • There are 5 levels of rarities for items, Epic being the highest one which includes the infamous Muddy Pig;
  • More original blocks are coming;
  • Developers are exploring more accessibility options to facilitate navigation on Buildplates;
  • Social features will be implemented;
  • MCE will follow Minecraft’s updates, but not on a 1:1 ratio;
  • Currently no level cap.

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