Wizarding Challenges Fragments’ Drop Pattern Hypothesis – How to Target Specific Fragments in Fortresses

Wouldn’t it be great if we could foretell what Fragments we might get from Wizarding Challenges?

Well, a recent hypothesis, brought to light by Gavin ap’ Morrygan (London_Beelow), suggests that there might be a specific pattern to what you should expect in terms of Fragments from Wizarding Challenges. Before we go any further, we must warn you that this hypothesis, despite having been tested and witnessed by ourselves and PokeFodderYT, remains a hypothesis in the sense that a much larger sample would be required to confirm it with absolute certainty. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that it is one worth sharing with the public!

The hypothesis goes as follows:

One can predict the Fragments they will collect, Centaur’s Bow or Horned Serpent Egg, from Wizarding Challenges (has only been tested and observed with the Oddities’ Runestones) when alternating Runestones’ Family every two combats on the sixth Floor of Fortresses.

In other words, what we tested (and observed) was how we could purposefully obtain the infamous Centaur’s Bow and Horned Serpent Egg Fragments. The pattern was observed using the following setting:

  • Floor #6
  • Oddities Runestone lvl 1
  • Any other Runestone lvl 1 (cannot be Oddities)

Using the following steps, we are able to systematically collect Fragments from either the Centaur’s Bow or the Horned Serpent Egg.

  1. Complete two battles on the sixth Floor using lvl 1 Oddities’ Runestones. These two battles would reward us with Fragments from either the Centaur’s Bow or the Horned Serpent Egg.
  2. Complete two battles on the sixth Floor using any lvl 1 Runestones other than Oddities.
  3. Repeat step 1. Again, these two battles would reward us with Fragments from either the Centaur’s Bow or the Horned Serpent Egg.
  4. Repeat step 2, then 3, then 2, then 3, and so on.

In short, we were able to target two specific Foundables through something that appears to be a systematic rewarding pattern in Wizarding Challenges, i.e. target Fragments from the Centaur’s Bow and/or the Horned Serpent Egg by alternating Runestones’ Family every two combats.

Again, this observed pattern remains a hypothesis at this point, which would require much more reports to be confirmed with certainty. Furthermore, it would be very interesting to see if such a pattern can also be observed for different Families. This will require a lot of testing, but we shall report back once we can share something somewhat solid to share with you.

In the meantime, test this hypothesis and make sure to report back below so we can hopefully confirm the pattern with absolute certainty!

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  1. Question: Can we just do Step #1 each and everyday in this case? This way we don’t need to spend other classes’ runestones?

    I tried the above method as a professor in the morning and did not receive any bow/egg for the 1st battle but received bow on the 2nd battle. I also purposely died on these two battles as to not use potions.

    So either there is still more to this or maybe we can’t die during battles?

    1. Hi, want to share my exp with others. I tried two oddity runestones (1 and 3 because I ran out of 1s’) and it worked. My 3 oddity runestone dropped the centaur bow.

      On another day, I tried to test this pattern again using another two care of magical creatures runestones and my second attempt dropped a foundable which I needed from the magical creatures family.

      The interesting part came from me deciding to go to another fortress nearby and using two wonders of the wizarding world runestones. I wanted to test if I go to another fortress to do step #1, can I bypass step #2 and still get a foundable from the specified family. Well, the answer is no, I did not get a drop from the wonders of the wizarding world family.

      I don’t have enuff runestones to test my hypothesis – does WU actually keep count of which step I am at, and does not allow me to bypass step #2 by going to another fortress. Perhaps you can investigate this and share the findings with us? Thanks!

  2. I tried it today and did 6 full cycles with oddities Rune stones. It worked perfectly on every single one of them. I then tried 2 cycles with dark arts and it worked perfectly on those. Next I tried Hogwarts school and it worked there too. you may have something with this!

  3. I followed the above pattern exactly last night for one cycle (6 battles) and I received a horned serpent egg on the second and sixth, and a centaur bow on the fifth. I am a professor. I have just enough level 1 oddities runestones to try this one more time.

  4. London_Beelow here I ended up getting 21 bows and 19 eggs over the last four or five days Tower 1 and Tower 2 (Aprox 50 oddity rune stones and maybe 20 non oddity runes stones, mostly calamity.

  5. So as a summary do 2 fights with drop u want, then 2 fights with drops u dont want ?
    can u do 2 fights, and switch fortress ?

  6. S wizards news youtube said you can also do 2-1-2-1 strategy and it should work (for him it did) but it did not for me what i did was this

    tested this right now and it didn’t work. maybe i did something wrong but it doesn’t always work (after i used briliant i usually exit fortress to spin the inn for energy)

    So what i did:
    2 odities > nothing
    1 briliant > nothing
    2 oddities > 2 bows
    1 briliant > event item
    2 oddities > 2 more bow
    1 briliant > nothing
    1 odditi > bow
    1 odditi > nothing dropped.

    than i changed it a bit and used:

    1 brilliant > nothing
    2 hogwarts school > first one gave item second one didn’t
    1 briliant > item
    2 hogwarts school > 2 items
    1 briliant > nothing
    1 hogwarts school > nothing

    i was pretty much out of energy here so i called it a day

  7. Tried cycle twice in Tower One. The first cycle: 2 oddities then 2 brilliant then 2 oddities. Didn’t work. Only got sticker drops on 2 and 6.
    Second try used 2 Hogwarts then 1 ministry then 2 Hogwarts. Got stickers on try 2,3,4,5. So worked. Hypothesis: Brilliant Runes May throw off the pattern? Jax

  8. tried this with wizarding challenge runestones (purple) from the special event then a level 1 runestone and repeated – no luck. Am i doing it wrong?

  9. Most of my runestones are higher level.
    First day
    Tower 1 – Rune Oddity 3 – No fragment
    Second day
    Tower 1 – Rune Oddity 3 – No fragment
    Tower 1 – Rune Oddity 3 – No fragment
    Tower 1 – Rune Oddity 3 – No fragment

    I’ve now read this article and I can try switching back/forth. It concerns me that I don’t get any fragments when I first go in.

    Prior to now, in total I have gotten 10 Centaur bows and 7 egg fragments. I have burned through 43 oddity runestones. Quite frustrating. I hope this pattern works, but I will need one that uses higher runestones. I only have a couple L1 and L2.

  10. I tried the pattern. I only had two level 1 oddity runestones. That worked. Then I switched to care of magical creates for two, then back to oddity for the next two, but using level 2 runestones. That gave me nothing.

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