Fortress Exclusive Foundables: On which Floors can you find them – Early Results

Over the past few weeks, perhaps even months, we have been gathering data from many of you on various topics. Since we know that some Foundables are exclusive to Wizarding Challenges, i.e. Fortresses, we thought we should know more about where to find each specific Fortress Exclusive Foundables. Therefore, we sailed to find out which Fragment one can obtain on each individual Floors of Fortresses. Today, we present to you our early findings.

The Data

The results we present to you today come from 522 verified submissions. We originally had nearly 1,000 entries, but we had to delete many of them for various reasons such as the use confusing nicknames for Foundables, reports of Foundables not available in the game yet, lack of information in the report, etc.

Distribution of reports for each Floor

Ruins I: 11.88%
Ruins II: 5.75%
Ruins III: 5.94%
Ruins IV: 14.18%
Ruins V: 16.86%

Tower I: 8.81%
Tower II: 9.58%
Tower III: 6.13%
Tower IV: 1.15%
Tower V: 3.83%

Forrest I: 1.53%
Forrest II: 0%
Forrest III: 0.77%
Forrest IV: 3.26%
Forrest V: 9%

Dark I: 0.57%
Dark II 0.57%
Dark III: 0%
Dark IV: 0%
Dark V: 0.19%

As you can see from the distribution above, some Floors are misrepresented, and therefore, our findings will reflect this lack of representation. For instance, Dark Chambers will NOT be included in the presentation of our findings as there simply is too little data to draw any conclusion.

We do not claim that our findings are absolutely accurate, but rather provide us with concrete patterns that would require more in-depth analyses in order to observe confirm said patterns with absolute certainty. Your feedback on these results will help orient a follow-up research project.

Our Results

To present our results, we will divide them into two categories: Exploration Foundables and Challenge Foundables.

Exploration Foundables

In terms of Exploration Foundables, despite potentially being able to observe some patterns, we came to the conclusion that these are simply randomly awarded (except that they are influenced by the Runestone you use, i.e. if you use a Magizoology Runestone, the only potential Exploration Foundable you could receive are from that particular Registry).

Although one could argue that there are some distinguishable patterns in the tables below, the mere fact that we are observing more potential Foundables in Ruins IV and V or Tower I and II can be explained by the fact that we are seeing more reports for these two Chambers (hence why we provided the distribution at the top of the article). We therefore recommend to be cautious when reading the data.

Our conclusion therefore is that Exploration Foundables are random, but that more research would be required in order to confirm with absolute certainty.

Results for Ruins Chambers
Results for Tower Chambers
Challenge Foundables

For infographics of all Challenge Foundables, click here.

On the other hand, Challenge Foundables provide a much clearer picture. Again, please be aware that actual mechanics may differ from our results. We rely on the data that was provided to us by the community, so it is possible that some of the Registries extend further than we have observed.

Results for Challenge Foundables
  • Symbols of the Wizard World start appearing in Tower Chamber I, but are much more frequent in the Forrest Chambers;
  • Magical Devices (Probity Probe, Time-Turner, Secrecy Sensor, etc.) start appearing in Forrest Chamber I, but there are more reports for that Registry in Forrest Chamber V;
  • Joke Products appear between Ruin Chamber IV and Tower Chamber V;
  • Wizarding Books appear in Ruins Chambers, more specifically between Chambers I and IV;
  • We have received no reports for the following Registries, which lead us to believe that they are either not yet available or extremely rare:
    • Dark Creatures;
    • Dark Wizard Leaders;
    • Dark Wizards;
    • Hogwarts Antagonist;
    • Deathly Hallows;
    • Hogwarts Register;
    • Horcruxes;
    • Inquisitorial Squid;
    • Quidditch Teams.
General Observations
  • Too little data for Dark Chambers to draw any concrete conclusion;
  • Challenge Foundables’ Fragments drops are NOT affected by the Runestone you use;
  • Too little data to confirm whether or not using a higher level Runestone affects the Fragments you receive, but the data that we have suggests that it is NOT the case;
  • Wands’ Fragments seem to drop randomly, but we have little to no data available to suggest any patterns.

Parting Words

As stated several times throughout this article, we are not claiming that these results are concrete evidence of any patterns, but that they provide some interesting paths to investigate further, more specifically when it comes to Challenge Foundables.

If you have any data that can help us provide a clearer picture, whether it proves or disproves any patterns that we may have reported above, make sure to submit it below. We rely on the community!

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