How to guarantee Medium or higher Threat Level Foundables

On the daily, we keep an eye out for curious, yet interesting mechanics for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Luckily, we work closely with famous Youtube star PokeFodderYT, and he recently brought up a very curious mechanic that would supposedly guarantee Medium or higher Threat Level Foundables.

Full credits for this discovery go to PokeFodderYT and Falconqb.

The mechanic is simple. First, find a nest (Flag location) that respects the followings:

  • Cannot be in a park;
  • Cannot be an overlapping Flag location.

Once you have found one, simply camp at the location. All spawns other than those from the Registry associated to the nest will be Medium Threat Level or higher. This theory (which is more of a mechanic at this point) is originally based on observations from Falconqb which, which were then in turn confirmed by various Wizards and Witches from PokeFodderYT’s Discord Server, including PokeFodderYT himself.

Some players have reported seeing Low Threat Level Foundables, but also indicated that they may have been right on the edge of the nest, therefore not connected to the said nest.

This discovery will prove extremely helpful to all Wizards and Witches as they progress and try to complete their Registry. Low Threat Level Foundables are generally easy to come by. However, the higher the Threat Level, the more difficult it can be to find higher Threat Level ones.

Try it out yourself, and report back! We did shortly before writing this quick article, and we were surprised to see that it was actually true! All seven spawns NOT from the nest’s Family Registry were Medium Threat Level, one even was a Severe!

PokeFodder also made a video on the topic, make sure to check it out for visual proof and to subscribe!

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