How can Professors and Magizoologists take NO damage in Wizards Unite

Yes, you read correctly. Thanks to Anthony Constant, we now know with certainty that Professors and Magizoologists in Wizards Unite, should they upgrade their skills accordingly, can get 100% defense and therefore take absolutely NO damage whatsoever!

Huge thanks to Pkfyre for helping us present the data in a way that is much easier for any type of players to understand.

About Anthony Constant

Anthony has been playing Wizards Unite since the Beta release, and therefore has had access to more Restricted Section Books (RSB) than any players who started after the official release. Why? During the Beta, upgrading talents/skills in your Skill Tree would only cost Spell Books.

It was only later during the Beta stage (approximately a month after Beta release) that Restricted Section Books were introduced, but at that point, many Beta players had already upgraded their skills at a very low cost. Therefore, Anthony and other Beta players have had access to 15 additional Restricted Section books, along with access to more in-depth builds than most of us will ever do.

Check out Anthony’s Youtube Channel for great Wizards Unite content!


In order for Professors to take NO damage, they need to upgrade their defense, which can go over 100%, by meeting certain conditions. However, these conditions can only be met at the time being IF you had access to the game during the Beta stage.

  • First, Professors’ base defense stats can go up to 44%.
  • Second, by upgrading the Defense Charm accordingly, they can add another 30% to their base defense stats, i.e. now being at 74%. For each upgrade, the cost is 4 RSBs.
  • Third, upgrading specific Talents requiring each 15 RSB.
    • Restricted Section: 6% defense v. Foe w/ at least 1 impairment
    • Sparring Specifics: 9% defense v. Foe w/ at least 2 impairments (this one requires an auror)
    • Confidence: 6% defense while player has at least 1 enhancement
    • Team Teaching: 9% defense while player has at least 2 enhancements

If you do the math, you are now at 104% defense, and therefore are taking absolutely no damage. Again, Professors having had access to the game only after official release cannot, yet, reach this amount of defense, but ultimately will!


Unlike Professors, Magizoologists can reach 100% defense and therefore take NO damage right now. However, they do need to team up with a Professor in order to accomplish it.

  • First, Magizoologists’ base defense stats can go up to 50%, if the right Skills have been upgraded at the cost of Scrolls and Spell Books.
  • Second, upgrading specific Talents requiring each 15 RSB
    • Forum Quorum: +6% defense while above 50% stamina
    • A bird in the hand: +15% defense while you have 5 or greater focus
  • Third, teaming up with a Professor with Defense Charm being upgraded to 30% defense.

If you do the math, you are now at 101% defense and therefore take NO damage, provided that your stamina was above 50% to begin with.

To go more in-depth about the builds you would need or could use in Wizards Unite, or perhaps to see the various ways you could use you Restricted Section Books, make sure to check out our Skill Trees:

These skill trees are still being improved, so make sure to provide any feedback below. A mobile friendlier version is coming very soon!


  1. This is wrong, you missunderstand defence buff and damage reduction.

    Lets say you have 100 defence and your oponent 300 attack then you take 200 dmg.

    With + 100% defence you got 200 defence (100+100) and you still taking 100 dmg.

  2. What about the Protego Power stat? Isn’t it added to the Defense stat when Protego is casted?

    Idk but something here seems off, because I doubt they design the damage formula in a way that results in two classes taking no damage even from the weakest enemies

    1. Ok, nevermind the second part. I’ve watch Anthony’s video of taking 0 damage and it works!
      I still don’t know why Protego Power is not taking into account though

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