Call of Duty Mobile – Update 1.0.6 + Release in Peru!

Earlier today, August 15, 2019, a large update rolled out for Call of Duty Mobile, and luckily for the citizens of Peru, the game is now available in their country!

New Features

  • New multiplayer map: Takeoff
    • Available in the following game modes: TDM, Domination, S&D, Hardpoint and Free for all.
  • New limited time game mode: Gun Game
    • Free for all mode where players earn better weapons by killing enemies.
  • New ranks added to Ranked Mode
  • New Operator Skill: Defender
    • Deployable shield that flashes enemies while expanding.
  • New weapons available in Battle Royale mode:
    • AK117 [Assault Rifle]
    • RPD [LMG]
    • MSMC [SMG]
  • New locations, landmarks and textures added to Battle Royale.
  • New Battle Royale Vehicle: Antelope A20 Assault Vehicle.


  • Improved various controller combat options
  • Improved various customisable settings
  • Balanced the following weapons:
    • Increase damage and penetration of Arctic 50, slightly reduced mobility and stability
    • Increased area of damage of DL Q33
    • Increased firing range of M16
    • Reduced accuracy of SMG in hip fire
    • Reduced the trigger range of Trip Mine
    • Reduced firing range of Sentry Gun
  • Optimised BR map for easier travelsal and improved some location layouts
  • Added ziplines to connect elevation levels
  • Increased Battle Royale launcher against vehicles
  • Improved Battle Royale vehicle handling
  • Reduced flight altitude of helicopter
  • Increased drop quality of Zombie supply drops
  • Balanced drop quality of loot across locations
  • Battle Royale Class balances
    • Mechanic: Drone will automatically follow target
    • Mechanic: Drone EMP jamming speed increased
    • Scout: Increased cooldown of Sensor Dart and slightly reduced effect duration
    • Ninja: Slightly increased grappling hook cooldown
    • Clown: Increased hit points, attack speed and movement of summoned Zombies
    • Defender: Added flash bang effect on shield development
  • Improved Battle Royale movement animations
  • Improved Battle Royale map visuals
  • Improved Ranked matchmaking
  • Added ragdoll system in settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to 3D touch
  • Fixed a bug that affected aiming down scope
  • Fixed gyroscope jittering
  • Fixed bugs affecting Trip mine triggering
  • Blast Vest should correctly reduce explosive damage
  • Various other bug fixed

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