Call of Duty: Mobile – Review

Canada was blessed to get early access to the recently released and extremely anticipated Call of Duty: Mobile. The game is anxiously anticipated by many as the Developers had indicated that COD: Mobile would introduce a new and simpler alternative for a First Person Shooter (FPS) game on mobile devices.

While we haven’t been playing first shooters much in the last 2-3 years, we did spend several years almost exclusively playing them, and played Fortnite and PUBG on mobile for a couple weeks to see how it would play out. In our opinion, COD: Mobile will reach a larger audience and be more engaging. Let’s go over why we think that’s the case.

Editor’s note
As this is a mobile game and obviously does not compare to a console or PC game, there will be no comparison to other COD games.


It’s no surprise considering how mobile games have evolved in the past few years, but the graphics in COD: Mobile are simply stunning, but extremely hard on the battery life. Of course, these can be lowered without affecting too much the visual quality of the game.

From your character to the environment on the map, or the smoke and explosion of a grenade, everything is on point and resembles greatly what one is used to from any COD games.

Of course, when filtering through your various weapons and gears in the Loadout Menu, everything is incredibly stunning and on point. While these stunning aesthetics do not transpose perfectly into the actual game, they are very close nonetheless.


Our experience with other FPS mobile games was extremely disappointing. Given that using only two thumbs to do something that one is accustomed to having an entire controller or keyboard/mouse to do, it can be difficult to render the actual gameplay experience from a console or PC game.

That being said, COD: Mobile is the first FPS game to actually provide intuitive and adapted gestures that fit the FPS format on handheld devices.

In terms of the multiplayer aspect, being able to communicate directly within the game with other players during a match, and to create Clans adds a lot to the game. Of course, this is nothing new when it comes to mobile gaming, but it is worth mentioning as it definitely is a ‘must’ in any FPS games nowadays.

Game Modes

There are currently two game modes available:

  • Regular 5 vs 5 Team Deathmatch
  • Batte Royale

There are more modes to come in the future, but those available for the time being are plenty enough for everyone’s enjoyment. Both are available in ranked mode, i.e. the more wins you get and the better your stats in each game, the more you will progress through the ranks and unlock various items/rewards.

Zombie mode is clearly being teased with, as well as some temporarily available game modes related to in-game events.


Everything is customizable! Perhaps not like The Sims, but to some extent, you can nearly customize everything from you gun aesthetics, to its stats, your look, etc. which adds a lot to the game. Being able to upgrade your weapons or even the way they look goes a long way into creating an immersive experience for the players.

The most interesting aspect of customization remains the controls. If there is something that many despise, it’s how filled the screen of a mobile device can feel like when playing a game originally intended for consoles and PC. Luckily, the fact that you are able to customize how controls work based on how comfortable you are with having lots of buttons on the screen of your phone is pure bliss!

For now, we are still using the default mode, i.e. point to an enemy and it shoots, which is not available in Battle Royale. For that mode, we have been customizing our controls, and we must admit, it helped a lot with our overall enjoyment of the game.


The in-game economy is perhaps something that most will agree to say is the downside of the game, which we agree with to some extent.

While most of the things you can purchase in the store are Skins for your weapons, one can also purchase Weapon XP Cards, which is what you need to upgrade your weapons and make them more efficient. In other words, yes, should you be geared up enough to know how to use those Weapon XP Cards wisely, the game can be ‘Pay to Win’ since you can literally pay to enhance your gears.

Furthermore, one can also decide to opt for the Battle Pass, which like any other FPS games will give you additional bonuses and rewards as you progress through the ranks, which again, makes it feel like paying to win, but is more like paying to enhance your experience and facility to progress and perform.

Parting Words

Overall, we are loving the game and playing it a lot more than we anticipated, mostly because of the customizations of the controls and the gears, but also because of the smooth overall experience of COD: Mobile. That being said, we can see our progression eventually being ‘capped’ as other players opting to purchase some items simply become too powerful for us.

Long gone are the days where people would only purchase a game and be able to progress with what comes with it. Now, if your waller permits, the sky is the limit!

Nonetheless, we feel that COD: Mobile beats PUBG and Fortnite for the overall experience, the graphics, and the gameplay mechanics. Plus, the game will definitely offer more game modes which should only increase our overall enjoyment.

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