Rush Wars soft launches in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!

The latest game from SuperCell, publishers for Class of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, etc. has just released in soft launch Rush Wars, its latest creation.

The game is currently only available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on both iOS and Android. If you cannot find it in your respective store, search for SuperCell, and it should be among their published games.

[Rush Wars] is a fast-paced strategy game in which you will grow a squad of strangely connected and surprising new characters. You will find a massive variety of troop combinations and enemy bases to defeat. With its player vs. player design, you will need to plan and outsmart your opponents’ bases to show them who’s boss!

Rush Wars is a game that everyone can enjoy but to master it, well… that’s the fun part!

Rush Wars – Soft Launch Announcement

SuperCell is among the top grossing mobile game publisher in the world. Its first four games have all suprassed $1 billion in revenues, while only Brawl Stars hasn’t (reaching $275 million since it’s launch in December of 2018).

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