Rush Wars – Tips and FAQs

Many have picked up Supercell’s latest creation and be left to wonder what they should focus on in the early stages of the game. We have gathered the best tips we have found and compiled them right here for you!

General Tips
Defensive Tips
Offensive Tips

General Tips

  • Upgrade your Helicopter whenever possible so that you can bring more troops when attacking someone else AND have additional troops when defending your Gold Mine! It can also travel to other locations!
  • DO NOT use unnecessary troops when attacking. Unused troops turn into Gold! 5 Gold per troop, 20 Gold per Airdrop!
  • Exploding Barrels and Airdrops will NOT damage your own troops when attacking someone.
  • Make sure to use the Preview button if you do not know what a certain Troop is used for.
  • Using an Airdrop will start the attack, so make sure your troops are wisely placed outside the enemy’s Gold Mine before launching an Airdrop.
  • You can remove Decorations from your Gold Mine in exchange of Gold.
  • Cards’ levels of different rarity are not equal. For instance, a level 3 rare Card is higher level than a level 3 common Card.

Defensive Tips

  • Bazookas have splash radius allowing them to hit two buildings next to each other, avoid clumping buildings/troops in your Gold Mine.
  • DO NOT place your defending troops near barrels.
  • You can remove Decorations from your Gold Mine in exchange of Gold, but it will sometimes help better position your Troops.

Offensive Tips

  • You can use Airdrops to destroy boxes creating a safer path for your troops!
  • Bazookas are currently very strong thanks to their splash radius.
  • Use the Arcade Spell Airdrop to hit barrels next to units if you cannot one shot them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the game?
For many, search ‘Rush Wars’ in your respective stores won’t work. Make sure to search for ‘Supercell’ instead. For the time being, the game is only available in Soft Launch in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

How can you modify your Gold Mine layout?
You can sell Decorations (boxes, barrels, logs, etc.) from your gold Mine. The actual layout resets every 24 hours, so you will have to redeploy your troops at your base for defense.

Why is it more expensive to search for other enemies?
As you upgrade your HeadQuarters, the Gold cost to search for another enemy than the one automatically originally randomly assigned will increase.

What are Commanders?
Commanders are Heroes that you can bring to attack other Gold Mines. They have special abilities and do not take any room on your Chopper. Once taken down, they require some time to revive themselves.

What is the top level?
Currently, the maximum level is 25, and a combined total of 615,510 xp.

What happens if you don’t redefend your Gold Mine after the 24 hours lapse?
Your Gold Mine simply won’t provide Gold to your camp. Once the 24 hours delay lapses, you will have to redeploy your Troops at your Gold Mine, which will adopt a different layout.

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