Foundables Spawn Rates in Wizards Unite

Over the past few weeks, several Wizards and Witches have been submitting valuable data to us, i.e. the number of Seens for each of the Foundables that can be found in the Wild in Wizards Unite. From these submissions, we were able to gather well over 60,000 valid entry points from which, thanks to the hard work on a template (which we slightly modified for our needs) from James from Wizards News and Doctor_who from Discord, we are now able to present a rather good representation of Spawn Rates for Wild Foundables in Wizards Unite, along with interesting patterns and tendencies related to spawns. Let’s dive in!

Below, you will find three images (that you can click to open in a larger format) all displaying three things:

  • Left Column: Percentages of Seens for each individual Foundable in relations to their own Family
  • Right Column: Percentages of Seens for each individual Foundable in relations to all Foundables compiled for all Families
  • Bottom right: Percentage showing each Family’s representation in relations to all Foundables compiled for all Families.

For instance, in the first image below, let’s take Care of Magical Creatures (top left table).

  • Firenze represents 0.93% of all the spawns collected for the Family of Care of Magical Creatures;
  • Flobberworm represents 2.90% of all the spawns collected for all the Families combined;
  • Foundables from Care of Magical Creatures represent 14.14% of all the data combined.

Our general observations

You are welcome to draw your own conclusions from this data. The intent is purely for you to have an idea of spawn rates frequencies and representations when comparing them to one another. Let’s go over our own observations.

  • Most Families are fairly evenly represented. On average, each Family represents 10% of the data. Only two Families stand out:
    • Care of Magical Creatures: 14.14% (which can be explained by the higher presence of Parks, i.e. Flagged Areas for this Family)
    • Legends of Hogwarts: 5.92% (which can be explained by the lower presence of Tourism related elements on the map, i.e. Flagged Areas for this Family)
  • Severe Foundables (1.25%) and Emergency Foundables (1.25%) having the exact same representation is extremely odd and unexpected.
    • One theory (thanks to James – Wizards News) is how the orange flare resembles the yellow one, which might be overlooked by many players if confused as a yellow flare.
  • Gryffindor Student represents less than half of the other students. (How can they win the cup so often with less than half the number of students compared to other Houses?!)
    • There also is an untested hypothesis (thanks to Liehon) that Gryffindors are more common at night (adventuring) while Ravenclaws rise at dawn (early studying) and Slytherins scheme as dusk falls. Help us shed some light on this!
  • Most Common Foundable: Baby Hippogroff at 3.02% of all Foundables.
  • Less Common Foundable: Weasley’s Flying Car and Pickett (both Severe) at 0.02% of all Foundables. Use Exstimulo and Dawdle Draught! (Quidditch Fan Hermione at 0.01% was excluded for being released too recently).
  • In general, Foundables available both in the Wild and through Portkeys (full list here) are less frequent in the Wild than their counterparts from the same Threat Level.

Flaws in this analysis

Of course, we do not consider these results to be a perfect representation of spawn rates in Wizards Unite. Nonetheless, they do provide the best reflection for the time being.

  • Many of the people submitting data indicated no longer returning High threat level Foundales. These may therefore be misrepresented in our data.
  • For the Family of Magical Games and Sports, the Page Hogwarts Quidditch Stands was too recently released to be fairly represented.
  • Werewolves may be misrepresented as there seems to be a glitch where Werewolves from Wizarding Challenges are counting towards that count of Seens.
  • The analysis only counts Foundables that were Seen by players, i.e. tapped. People do tend to filter their encounters so it may have affected the data presented in this article.

Parting Words

Thank you to all who contributed!

Tzakza, soniaccs, WonderWomanNZ, Stephanie, Nikki, Mike, Ruth, vb5215, Lych, Banewyrm, Lady Brittany, SniderThanYou, Doctor_who, Walbern, Wizards News, and more!

This exercise will be repeated at various time in the future to see the progression and provide an even more accurate representation of spawn rates in Wizards Unite.

If you have any questions or comments, there is a section for those below!

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