Pokemon Masters – Early access review

We tested the game as it was exclusivy available in early access in Canada and Singapore, but the game is now rolling out!

When you start the game, you will be asked to download some assets of the game (A bit more than 300mo).

You will then be meeting Blue who will ask you about your name and appearance. Choose carefully because you won’t be able to change your name.

The adventure take place on Pasio Island.

Trista is the receptionist of the Pokémon Masters League (PML). She will give you a Poryphone, which looks obviously like a Porygon.

You will start with Pikachu. Misty (Starmie) and Brock (Onix) will then be presented to you and join your team.

For now you can only follow the main story. So let’s head out to this!

The first battle will then take place. You will have three Pokemon at your disposition (Onix, Pikachu and Starmie), one for each hero. You will be able to know each Pokemon have weakness to your attack when you select the trainer that control your little friend.

You will then battle Rosa, a pokemon trainer from the Unova region. After defeating her, she will join your team.

You will encounter Professor Bellis to tell you more about the Island.

You will then be able to summon a new sync pair (New trainer with a Pokemon) and edit your current team.

Another 662mb of data will be downloaded to continue the adventure!

Hopefully there will not be a lot of these download or everyone will get out of space left on their phone!

You can earn additional Gems from Sync Pair Stories. Summoning a new sync pair will cost 100 paid gem for the first time of the day then 300 gem each summon. Note that you obviously can buy gems for real money to test your luck and get the best sync pair out there! What we know from those types of game is that you should stock up on gems and spend them when discount will be available. As it’s purely luck, it might take a while to get the sync pair that you want!

Our thoughts on the Battle System

The battle system consist of a 3v3 match (Sometimes the enemy party will have more than 3 sync pair in story mode).

You have a battle gauge that is filling up with time. You start with 4 bar of action and you can upgrade it to a total of 6 in exchange of 30 000 coins for the first and 100 000 for the second.

At the start of the battle, the 4 action bar are full. Each move that your pokemon have take some action bar (1, 2 or 3). So use wisely!

Items take half an action bar to use. Each trainer have different items.

Every Pokemon can learn 3 moves and can also learn a passive skill.

The start of battle is crucial because once your action bar is depleted you have to wait before taking an action again. In our opinion this is breaking the battle a bit because you’ll have to choose one of the three Pokemon you have to do a move, making the others useless.

We find that it makes the battle less enjoyable. Hopefully, some tweaks will make the battle better in the future. Some kind of slower separate bar would fix it or less time while charging.

There is some Pokemon like Snivy that has a move that refresh the energy bar so it makes the battle a bit more faster.

There is super sync move that are available when the gauge reach 0. It starts at 9 at every beginning of battle. Each action or items lower the bar. This is some kind of limit break move (FF VII anyone?!) that is stronger and can buff your party at the same time.

Note that your Pokemon start with only one moves. With the mission you can add two more moves. The second move take a lot less items than the third move.

What about the story?

Pokémon is usually known for the extensive dialog that take place. They tried to add a bit of this with a lot of dialog in the Pokemon center as well before and after battles.

Don’t forget that the people in the pokemon center can find item for you! Items like Pearl that can be exchange for money at the store. They will have a magnifying glass over there head.

Obviously the style of the dialog are somewhat childish but it does feel like an actual Pokémon game.

There is a good amount of battles and dialog. Note that you can retry all stage that you’ve already done so you’re able to level up.

There is no wild Pokemon as in the normal games. This is totally random when paying gems for sync pair.

Parting word

The game is still too young to know if it will be a success but it is an enjoyable game that will evolve with time.

Are you liking the game so far?

What are your recommendations for the futur?

Let us know!

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