Fastest Way to Reroll your Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters!

Finally, Pokemon Masters has officially launched! For folks looking to get a head start in-game, we’ve prepared a reroll guide for you guys to start off with 5 Star Sync Pairs!

What Is A Reroll?

A reroll is basically clearing early game content to obtain free gems to scout for high tier Sync Pairs, and if you don’t get what you desire, you restart the game. Think of it as soft resetting in other Pokemon Games!

Who Should I Reroll For?

Below is a Tier List made by the Reddit Discord Community on which Sync Pairs to Reroll for! A great setup would be 2+ 5 Star Sync Pairs, but that would be quite hard to get, so something along the lines of a single 5 Star plus 2 or three decent 4 Stars would do too, or even some nice 3 Stars, like Roxanne. If you have patience, however, Blue comes out soon, and all projections say that he will be a top tier unit!

How To Reroll Fast

The first time will be the slowest for everyone since you have to download the Story, which, depending on your WiFi, would either take a whil, or should be done in seconds. After downloading the game, just blast through the tutorial until you fight Rosa. Rosa might be a bit tricky, but if done properly, she could be taken care of very quickly. Just use type advantage and take out the two Pokemon on the sides before focusing on Snivy and build up your Sync Move.

By the time your Sync Move is up, the other two should be dead and Pikachu’s Sync Move should one-shot Snivy from full HP no problem. Afterwards, the Story Download should occur. After downloading it, which only takes long for the first time, the second time around it’ll be very quick, you will get into the game and obtain around 1.2k Gems from the Launch Celebration. Go to the Gift box and claim the Gems and Summon ASAP! If you get two or plus decent 5 Star in those summons, you’re good to go, link up with your Nintendo Account and enjoy the game! If not, then it depends. If you don’t get anything good at all, go to your Poryphone at the bottom right, click account, and wipe your save data and start again, this time the story download should be much quicker.

If you get maybe one 5 Star and are satisfied with it, then keep it, if not, then complete Chapter 2 until right before you fight Barry. Then go and complete all your Sync stories, that should give you enough Gems for one last summon. If you get something good, then GG; if not and you still want to keep going before a reroll, you can also go to the end of Chapter 2 to unlock missions, then link your Nintendo Account for 600 more Gems. If you still don’t get what you want, you can delete your data and start over again until you get what you want. Yes, it’s that simple! Even if you have linked to your Nintendo account, you can still wipe the data from it, and start over!

Video Guide

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