Wizards Unite Daily Rewards: September

While it’s something that most of you will soon find out as the clock strikes midnight on September 1, 2019, let’s go over what rewards you will obtain daily for the month of September, 2019!

Keep in mind, September has a day less than August, but does it really justify the drastic difference in XP, Silver Keys, and more? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

ItemTotal for September
2,200 (550 less than August)
48 (5 less than August)
240 (same as August)
2 (same as August)
7 (5 more than August)
1 (same as August)
7 (same as August)
3 (same as August)
1 (same as August)
None (3 less than August)
4 (same as August)

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