Foundables Spawn Rates in Wizards Unite

Over the past few weeks, several Wizards and Witches have been submitting valuable data to us, i.e. the number of Seens for each of the

Wizards Unite Fan Festival Global Challenge announced! Day of the Dragons!

Update from August 28, 2019Clarifications from Niantic and Warner Bros Dragon Portkeys will be distinguishable directly from the map (see the image below showing how

Wizards Unite Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event

Shortly before the second Community Day in the history of Wizards Unite, a new Brilliant Event was subtly announced within the game: Back to Hogwarts!

Rush Wars – Tips and FAQs

Many have picked up Supercell’s latest creation and be left to wonder what they should focus on in the early stages of the game. We

Rush Wars soft launches in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!

The latest game from SuperCell, publishers for Class of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, etc. has just released in soft launch Rush Wars, its latest

Wizards Unite Game Update – Version 2.3.0: Fragment Counter, QOL Improvements, New Foundables, and more!

Wizards and Witches! A hot new update is rolling on for Wizards Unite, version 2.3.0, and it features some very appreciated Quality of Life (QOL)

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