Call of Duty: Mobile – Review

Canada was blessed to get early access to the recently released and extremely anticipated Call of Duty: Mobile. The game is anxiously anticipated by many

Easy Way To Complete The 3000 Spell Achievement For 25 Free Spell Books

Spell Books… Probably one of the worst grinds in the game, the higher challenge rank you are, the more difficult they are to get. Today

Call of Duty Mobile – Update 1.0.6 + Release in Peru!

Earlier today, August 15, 2019, a large update rolled out for Call of Duty Mobile, and luckily for the citizens of Peru, the game is

Wizards Unite Fan Festival – New Details: Dragons, life size Greenhouse and Threat Clock, and event features available worldwide!

Today, Niantic provided the Wizarding community with brand new and hot details about the upcoming Wizards Unite Fan Festival taking place in Indianapolis on August

How can Professors and Magizoologists take NO damage in Wizards Unite

Yes, you read correctly. Thanks to Anthony Constant, we now know with certainty that Professors and Magizoologists in Wizards Unite, should they upgrade their skills

First Magizoologist to solo ALL Chambers of a Fortress in Wizards Unite – Dark Chamber V Solo

If you remember correctly, in the early days after release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, many laughed at Magizoologists claiming that the profession would never

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