Pokémon Masters – 10 millions downloads and generates $10 million in 4 days + Story Event introduces Blue

Pokémon Masters, growing faster than Pokémon GO

Pokémon Masters has not yet been out for a week, and it has already reached an incredible achievement: 10 million downloads! The news was announced on the official Japanese Pokémon Masters twitter account. Just as a comparison, Pokémon GO had taken seven days to reach this amount of downloads, and is not among the top grossing mobile games on the market. For Pokémon Masters to reach this amount of downloads in only four days is amazing news for the Nintendo Company and DeNA.

Pokémon Masters had seen 5 million people pre-register for the game.

Furthermore, according to SensorTower, Pokémon Masters has reportedly generated $10 million USD in player spendings.

Story Event – Blue and Pidgeot join in

Coincidentally, Pokémon Masters is seeing its first event being introduced in the game.

The event begins on September 2nd, 2019 and will end on September 29, 2019 at 10:59 p.m. PST.

What you can get?

The famous Sync Pair including Blue and Pidgeot!

However, there is a pretty big but to this reward. Successfully unlocking the Sync Pair will not add it to your pool of Sync Pairs, but rather unlock it into your Sync Pair Scout Pool, meaning that you will rather unlock a chance to obtain it through Scouting using Gems.

How can you get Blue?

It’s simple, complete Story Mode Chapter 5 from the main story. Successfully doing so will add the Sync Pair to your Scouting pool, therefore giving you a chance to obtain Blue and Pidgeot through Scouting using gems.

Parting Words

While it is VERY exciting to see Blue being added to the game, we cannot help but feel that this is a cash grab of some sort as it is only available through Scouting, therefore requiring Gems to unlock it. Of course, Gems can be grinded, but ultimately, most will end up purchasing them, hoping they can the anticipated Blue in these loot boxes that are Scouting.

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