Pokémon Masters: How To Level Up and Unlock Level Caps!

Leveling up is the easiest and fastest way to increase your Pokémon’s stats and strength in Pokémon Masters, which is a much needed element in your progression of the game, especially with CO-OP on the horizon.

EXP Farming

The best way to farm experience is through the level up training courses. There are three levels total: normal, hard, and very hard. These courses drop Level Up Manuals, and the drop rates will vary per level.

  • Normal: Drops 1* Level Up Manual (+100 exp)
  • Hard Drops 2* (+1,500 exp) and 1* Level Up Manual (+100 exp)
  • Very Hard: Drops mainly 3* (+5,000 exp) and 2* Level Up Manuals (+1,500 exp)

The best way to farm these is to use your strongest team and to successfully complete the Very Hard mode. Even though the course itself gives you exp as well, it’s just better to beat the course as fast as possible for the manuals, unless of course the pokémon you’re trying to level up can be put onto the team and will not slow you down or affect your grinding.

Unlocking Level Caps

Once your Sync Pair gets to a certain level, it will hit a wall and stop leveling up. This is when you need to unlock your Level Cap. To do so, first, you have to successfully complete chapter 4 and do the training course “Special Training: Battle Techniques“. Completion of this course will unlock three additional courses:

  • Strike Course
  • Support Course
  • Tech Course

These three courses will drop Skill Items, which are necessary to unlock level caps. For different types of sync pairs, you need their corresponding Blends. For instance, Strike pairs need Strike Blends, Tech pairs need Tech Tonics, and so on.

Just as leveling up courses in Pokémon Masters, there are three different levels that drop different level Skill Items. Unlike level up courses however, you do have to go through each difficulty as they do drop different Skill Items. To level up to Max, you will require Gym Leader Notes, which only drop on Very Hard Special training courses or Very Hard CO-OPs.

Video Walkthrough

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