Wizards Unite – September Game Update: Tonic Trace Detection + Inventory Upgrade

As of September 6, 2019, Wizards Unite was updated over the air (i.e. not through the store) and introduced a very much needed potion: Tonic! Let’s get into more details!

Tonic – Trace Detection

Hints of Tonic had been found before in the code, and it is now finally introduced in the game.

Brew a Tonic for Trace Detection and use it to bring Traces to you! Traces that appear from this Potion will only be visible to you and have a special visual effect.

If you are familiar with Pokémon GO, then this is basically your Incense. Otherwise, as stated above, Tonic potions will basically bring Foundables to you at a similar pace as Dark Detectors. Tonics should spawn any Foundables that may appear in the wild, even Dragons, so best take advantage of this new item during Day of the Dragons!

Of course, new potion means new ingredients. The following have also been introduced as they will be required to brew Tonics. Tonic requires 7 hours to brew and will last for 30 minutes.

IngredientImageRequirement for Tonic
Bulbadox Juice4
Angel's Trumpet4
Erumpent Horn (Portkey Exclusive)2

Trace Detection Bundle / Inventory Upgrade

To celebrate, the HPWU team has decided to bring you a free Trace Detection store bundle!

  • 1 Tonic Potion
  • Ingredients to brew your own Tonic (a single one)
    • 6 Baneberries
    • 4 Bulbadox Juices
    • 4 Angel Trumpets
    • 2 Erumpent Horns
  • 10 Ingredients capacity slots’ increase
  • 5 Potion capacity slots’ increase
  • 5 Seeds/Water capacity slots’ increase

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