Skate City – Review

Since the early launch of Apple Arcade for iOS 13 Beta testers (less than 24 hours, we know), we have been pushing ourselves trying to test as many games as we can on the new platform from Apple. Despite having downloaded over 20 games already, we simply haven’t been able to stop playing Skate City from Agens and Snowman (the latter also developed Where Cards Fall for Apple Arcade).

The game was originally brought up to Snowman by Agens and professional artist/passionate skater Daniel Zeller back in 2014.

From the start, one can tell this is a very soothing game from the music, which will take you out skateboarding on your mobile device. The graphics are simple, yet at the same time very detailed, or at the very least enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen for long periods of time.

The game opens up smoothly to a tutorial where you are shown the basics of the game; learning how to do an ollie, how to do various tricks, how to grind, etc. All of which will be very useful once you make your way through the streets of the first location available: Los Angeles! While we are not familiar with the city, we have heard reports that some of the elements are actually inspired by real locations, which is an added immersive element to the game.

From that point on, the world is yours! You can skate freely in the different maps you unlock or explore the various challenges, which will reward you with SC points, that will help you unlock different locations for you to navigate. These SC points can also be used towards the Skate Shop (yes, there is a store in this game, but free of any micro-transactions).

While throughout our entire experience of the game, we could help ourselves but to recall the joys we had playing with Tech Deck, The Skate Shop just brought up even more memories. You can customize various aspects as you progress through the game using SC points. From you board, to your look, your wheels, your trucks, etc. You are in for a lot of fun, provided you grinded (pun intended) SC points beforehand as some of the items in the Shop can be pricey.

As you progress, you will be able to share video clips of your best tricks, or your worst fall (since we know how fun these can be).

Parting Words

In short, the game has a lot to offer, and we cannot stress enough how soothing the game is thanks to the graphics and the soundtrack. If you are like us, you will most likely be remembering all the fun, but also dedication and hard work, Tech Decks brought in your life.

We can see ourselves playing this game for a very long time, on a casual basis, and we definitely recommend that you try it out.

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