Where Cards Fall – Review

For the last two days or so, we have been overly invested in Skate City (check our review here), which will be available on Apple Arcade September 19th. We are loving the game so much, that we decided to venture on another game available exclusively on Apple Arcade, developed by Snowman: Where Cards Fall. Once again, we were totally blown away by the quality and the range of emotions that we went through from playing what first looked like such a simple game.

The game was developed by Snowman and The Game Band.

Nine years ago, Sam Rosenthal, designer of Where Cards Fall (WCF), was inspired by a song from Radiohead featured in Netflix Original’s House of Cards to create something that would explore the building of house of cards.

I really was taken by the metaphor, but I took it very literally. I started to picture all of these fragile lives inside of houses of cards, and I thought that was an image that just seemed right for exploring in a video game.

Sam Rosenthal, Designer – Where Cards Fall

Just like Skate City, WCF is a perfect fit for Apple Arcade. The developers bring forward mindblowing and somewhat graphics with a soundtrack that will both keep you immersed in this world of house of cards’ building for hours.

What is Where Cards Fall?

Where Cards Fall is a dreamlike journey through youthful uncertainty. In this coming of age story, you’ll build houses of cards to form and shape the world around you. The houses help you move through imaginative puzzles and bring vivid memories of adolescence to life. At its core, Where Cards Fall explores how our most fragile memories of the past can become the strongest foundations of our future.

We wondered ourselves what the game was actually about before we first started, and even after completing the first few chapters (although a more accurate word would probably be ‘levels’, but the game feels like we’re being told a story, therefore we’re sticking to ‘chapters’). We later realized that the game mainly focuses on various puzzles that you must complete by putting together house of cards and bringing the protagonist from A to B; but that it also brings a dreamy/story-telling vibe along the way.

If you’re stuck on a chapter, you can ask for hints on how to progress through your adventure. You also have the possibility of modifying the layout of the cards you use, but there only seems to be few options available. We hope that the developers will eventually push the customization of this aspect, and perhaps the protagonist, even further so to allow for an even more immersive experience for players.

This adventure will take you across multiple landscapes, each more beautiful and inspiring than the last. From a forest to a classroom, making a pit stop in what feels like the back alley of a busy city, your protagonist will venture on what feels like memories, some feeling joyful, others bringing a hint of sadness. The range of emotions that the music, the graphics and the adventure all combined will make you go through is priceless and worth your time.

Parting Words

Snowman was a gaming studio that we were not familiar with until Apple Arcade came to be, and now, we couldn’t be more excited to discover more from them, and progress through the two adventures they are sending us on with Skate City and Where Cards Fall.

We strongly feel that this is where Apple Arcade will succeed and how it will attract people, by bringing forward games and gaming studios that have lots of potential. Games and studios that would normally fall through the cracks with the current free-to-play format taking over mobile gaming.

We are extremely excited about what the platform will have to offer in the months to come, but for now Snowman clearly has us over the moon with these two games. We cannot emphasize enough how much you should try Skate City and Where Cards Fall out. Coming September 19 on Apple Arcade exclusively.

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