Minecraft Earth: Q&A #2 with the Developers

September 18, 2019, the developers from Minecraft Earth (MCE) held a second Q&A on their Discord server to provide an update on the game, but more importantly answer as vaguely as possible questions from the community. Below, we provide you with a summary of what we found out.

For the summary of the first Q&A with the Developers, click here.

Important Note: Keep an eye out on Minecon Live, we are expecting some new information to drop there!


  • These will be less frequent than Tappables, but will allow to find items when you complete them.
  • Adventures are where people will find Ores, not in their buildplates (that would be too easy).
  • Hostile/Wild Mobs will spawn in Adventures.
  • You can complete Adventures with your friends, but cannot directly hurt them (hint, use lava).
  • If you die in Adventure, you lose the content in your hot bar and back pack.


  • No details were provided whether or not exclusive mobs in MCE would eventually venture on Minecraft.
  • There will be Holiday exclusive Mobs in MCE.
  • Trading with Villagers is in the works.


  • Ores are available to mine in Adventure, not on your buildplate.
  • Mud is a new liquid block, that moves like lava or water. If touched by lava, it becomes dirt. If touched by water, it vanishes.


  • New Tappables are frequently added to keep the game refreshing.


  • There will be special events in MCE. Some will involve the real world, others strictly the game.


  • Developers hinted to the fact that there may already be Easter Eggs in MCE.
  • More features will come that won’t affect fast-traveling.
  • Developers are opened to making the game playable in landscape, should the community want it.
  • You can play songs on Noteblocks, like Baby Shark!
  • Rubies will have different functions aside from purchasing buildplates.
  • Battery and performance issues are their main focus at the time being.
  • Social features in the works, more will be shared at the next Q&A.
  • No regional elements will be introduced, i.e. the only limitation will be hard work and dedication.
  • There will not be a ‘Turn AR off’ option as the game is meant to be played in AR.
  • When someone dies, you cannot pick up their loot to avoid griefing.

What we already knew

  • The End and the Nether will eventually make their way onto MCE;
  • You will not be able to mod MCE.

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