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Let’s discuss the future of Jibs Entertainment

Since most of our followers have started following us on social medias due to our regular and, let’s be honest, amazing coverage of the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; we feel like we owe you, supporters, an update on the future at Jibs Entertainment.

First, let us start by saying that we are immensely thankful for all the support you each have given and shown us time and time again since we started less than a year ago. Jibs has never had a real reflection of followers V traffic on the website (the latter being greatly higher than the first), but that doesn’t mean we do not consider them in any of our decisions.

Let’s talk Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Based on our observations and analysis over the last 30-45 days, content created for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has unfortunately seen an important and unusual decrease in traffic, circling around 30% (for a game that was anticipated to be such a huge hit), something that has been noted on other websites covering the game, but also on YouTubers’ channels dedicated to the game. Those who have not seen a decrease, have seemingly plateaued over the same time frame.

That being said, Jibs has decided to limit its content dedicated to Harry Potter: Wizards to ‘big picture stuff’. This includes:

  • Events’ Everything you need to know
  • Leaks from Zviznemte

The following items will be strictly covered on our Social Medias:

  • Public Service Announcements (PSA)
  • News/Updates

This means that any research projects, speculation articles, reviews, etc. will no longer be created about the game due to the lack of traffic towards this portion of the content.

Future at Jibs

If we are slowing down content creation for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, what does it mean in terms of content for the website?

Well, as you may have noticed, Jibs has always been creating sporadically content about other mobile gaming news. This has always been our goal, to provide the public with news about mobile gaming and AR technology trends, and as of today, we want to confirm that we will be focusing our this type of content.

  • New/Upcoming mobile games;
  • Reviews of Indie and popular mobile games;
  • AR gaming news;
  • Mobile gaming related news (Apple Arcade, Stadia, etc.);
  • Statistical analyses about mobile games’ performance in terms of downloads and revenues;
  • and more!

We have always very strongly believed that gaming is about more than a single game, especially when it comes to mobile gaming given how accessible and transient mobile games are compared to console or PC games. We want the community to learn about these new games and trends, and therefore want to dedicate most of our content towards this objective.

We hope that you will continue to follow us and support us on this adventure, as we have a lot planned for the coming months!


Jibs Entertainment’s Lead Team

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