New AR and geolocation features coming to Pokémon GO

Following the recent announcement of Wayfarer, Niantic’s CEO, Johan Hanke, spoke about how Niantic’s operation for Niantic Real World Platform at a press conference in San Francisco.

Buddy Aventure

Among other things, Niantic spoke at length about how Pokémon GO can benefit other AR/geolocation-based games developed by third-party developers.

Today, Niantic continues with the announcements for the game, mainly with Buddy Adventure, which simply means that Trainers will be able to shared an augmented reality experience, take pictures together with their Pokémon, and hopefully more.

A demo took place with three people, each with their own mobile device, where each had its own Buddy Pokémon in AR in the same shared real-world location, allowing them to take pictures all together.

The feature is not yet available to the public. For more details, check out the press release here.

Wayfarer Program

The platform, allowing people to submit real-world locations of interest to the general community to be included in virtual maps also was provided an update.

Reportedly, users have submitted over 27 million sites so far, and 26 million of them have already been reviewed by other users. Of these 26 millions, 9.4 millions have reportedly been implemented in Pokémon GO already, which is very impressive.

They’re live on the game board and we are excited about that. We are building the foundations for planet-scale AR. We are now seeing an average of more than a million additional Wayfarer nominations per week.

John Hanke – Niantic, CEO

AR Occlusion

Diana Hu, Director of the AR Platform at Niantic, also gave an update on AR Occlusion, which aims to add more realism to AR animations by overlaying AR resources into the real word more accurately. For instance, Pokémon will walk around real world objects, hide behind someone’s leg, etc.; making for an even better AR experience.

AR Occlusion isn’t new per say, as it was demoed over a year by Niantic. That being said, Hu did indicate at the press conference to keep an eye out for it soon!

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