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Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off

Tilting Point, in collaboration with Nukebox Studios and Nickelodeon has announced Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off, a game letting players serve the delicious Krabby Patty to a cast of characters from the show Spongebob SquarePants. Who hasn’t fantasized about being being the grill at the Krusty Krab?!

Players can now pre-register for the game on Google Play, or pre-order it through the App Store to unlock different platform exclusive bundles of prizes to help them become the ultimate and fastest grill master.

Pokémon GO

With another decade coming to an end, many have started reviewing the last ten years, and this includes video games. Polygon has recently made their top 10 video games of the last decade, which includes games such as Minecraft (#1), Dark Souls (#8), and Fortnite (#10). Surprisingly, a mobile game has managed to make it in the top 5: Pokémon GO! More details here.

Two events can be mentioned in this week’s review.

A Colossal Discovery: Last weekend took place the first global paid even in the history of Pokémon GO. Reviews and feedback are extremely mixed. Many pointed out being very excited to be a part of an event as they had not been able to in the past given the fact that paid events are generally assigned to a specific region.

Overall, trainers agreed that the event was a major let down, despite Niantic delivering exactly what they had announced. Most simply did not feel that they had access to sufficient exclusive items or features for the price they paid. Furthermore, most were able to complete the Event in less than an hour, making it less worth their buck.

Team GO Rocket Disruption: After being teased for months, Niantic finally introduced Team GO Rocket to the world, and there is a lot of new elements added to the game through it which includes a brand new Special Research.

For more information about the GO Rocket Disruption event, check out our friends over at G2G right here.

New AR and geolocation features announced

Finally, Niantic announced the introduction of new AR and geolocation-based features, which we covered earlier this week right here.

Minecraft Earth

Roll out of the very much anticipated new AR instalment, Minecraft Earth, continues with the United Kingdom. The UK is the first ‘big’ region to see the game land in its territory. For the first time, the release was teased a day early by members of the MCE team.

There is still no word of a release in the United States, but considering this week’s roll out, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the US and potentially the rest of the world being the next step.

The MCE team also teased the introduction of Muddy Pig and Moobloom in three major cities soon! But that’s not it, they also teased a brand new mob, known as the Jolly Llama, which certainly looks like a Holiday themed llama or deer!

Rush Wars

A couple months after being released in Beta, Supercell, creators of the famous Clash of Clans, decided to pull the plug on Rush Wars after a torrent of negative feedback regarding the game’s repetitive experience.

Despite a few tweaks and updates, Supercell preferred to put an end to the Beta, and the game altogether, indicating that they aim to provide games that will be enjoyable for years to come; they simply did not feel that they could provide this experience to users with Rush Wars.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Over the past few weeks, HPWU has suffered from various bugs, mainly related to version 2.6.0, which was recently released, then pulled back.

Furthermore, it was reported by Sensor Tower that the game had an unusual spike in downloads in the past few days, makinag it rank to #18 of Top Free Games/Adventure on the Google Play store, something the game had not done since release.

Finally, the HPWU announced a packed month of November with a Brilliant Event divided into two parts and two different themed events including a Community Day. More details right here.

Call of Duty: Mobile

According to App Annie, Call of Duty: Mobile is on track to take over the extremely popular PUBG Mobile, despite a backlash of hatred from the community regarding a scam on Lucky Draws (more details here.

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