Bethesda at E3: Big announcements towards mobile gaming!

While E3 2019 was somewhat weak in terms of mobile gaming related content, Bethesda sure stepped up and announced big ticket items that will please

What to expect from Microsoft and Nintendo at E3!

To continue our mini-series on what you can expect from some of the biggest gaming companies at E3 2019, today we will talk about two

Google Stadia: Prices, games, requirements, etc. All you need to know!

Earlier today La Presse, a French Canadian news outlet, the details for the anticipated Google Stadia platform leaked ahead of the conference which took place

Google chrome will support Nintendo Switch controller

In the latest version of Chromium (On which Chrome is based), the support of the joy-con of the Nintendo Switch has been added. After knowing

Stadia : Redefining gaming the Google way

Google had a conference planned on March 19 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It was an open secret that the company would announce an

What is coming up with the Google controller!

The featured of this article image is a concept art/visualization from designer Sarang Sheth. On January 31st, Google applied for a patent on a gaming

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