Minecraft Earth: Q&A #2 with the Developers

September 18, 2019, the developers from Minecraft Earth (MCE) held a second Q&A on their Discord server to provide an update on the game, but

Nuisance Lawsuit against Niantic reaches settlement – Its impact on the geolocation mobile gaming industry

In the early days of Pokémon GO, the game’s success grew much faster than anyone could have anticipated. While this certainly had a positive effect

Minecraft Earth: Tappables

Minecraft Earth: Q&A with the Developers – Everything in MCE is designed to be part of the Minecraft universe!

Yesterday, the Minecraft Earth (MCE) Developers team invited people for an informal Q&A on their Discord Server. Luckily, some very exciting and useful intel came

‘Minecraft: Earth’ demo gameplay footage at WWDC 2019!

Today, at WWDC 2019 (WorldWide Developers’ Conference) from Apple, we were lucky enough to get the very first gameplay footage demo for the upcoming Minecraft:

Minecraft AR: Microsoft teases a new Minecraft mobile game relying on AR

Earlier this week, Microsoft teased what could be a major killer app in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR), a personal favorite game of ours: