Pokemon Masters | Rock-Type Training Event

When you open up Pokemon Masters you will be greeted by Blaine who is challenging you to battle his fire Pokemon. The Rock-Type Training event

Pokémon GO has its best monthly revenue growth in three years – Pokémon Masters brings in $26 million one week after launch

You can think whatever you want of Pokémon, that it’s childish and ridiculous to see adults enjoy catching, battling, upgrading fictional creatures, but no one

Pokemon Masters: Beginner Co-Op Guide

From the first Pokemon Masters trailer, I have been super excited to play Co-Op in Pokemon Masters and can’t wait to share this guide with

Pokémon Masters: How To Level Up and Unlock Level Caps!

Leveling up is the easiest and fastest way to increase your Pokémon’s stats and strength in Pokémon Masters, which is a much needed element in

Pokémon Masters – 10 millions downloads and generates $10 million in 4 days + Story Event introduces Blue

Pokémon Masters, growing faster than Pokémon GO Pokémon Masters has not yet been out for a week, and it has already reached an incredible achievement:

Pokémon Masters: Evolutions Explained

Evolutions in Pokémon Masters, while resembling evolutions from any Pokémon game in some way, actually differ on some very important features. Most importantly, they are

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