How can Professors and Magizoologists take NO damage in Wizards Unite

Yes, you read correctly. Thanks to Anthony Constant, we now know with certainty that Professors and Magizoologists in Wizards Unite, should they upgrade their skills

Minecraft Earth: Tappables

Wizards Unite Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event

Shortly before the second Community Day in the history of Wizards Unite, a new Brilliant Event was subtly announced within the game: Back to Hogwarts!

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Montreal – Travelers’ Guide

Whether you are planning to stay just for the day, or for longer, through this guide, we will cover the following topics in order to

Threat Level Clock and Win Rate Mechanics Explained in Wizards Unite

This threat level wheel/clock was put together by celebros112, with the help of various Wizards and Witches from the Wizards Unite Discord server ‘to show

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Guide – 30 Restricted Section Books!

Introduction of the Potter’s CalamityWeek 1 DetailsWeek 2 DetailsImportant TipsTasks Week 1Tasks Week 2 Why should you be hyped about the Potter’s Calamity? Because you

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