Minecraft Earth: Q&A with the Developers – Everything in MCE is designed to be part of the Minecraft universe!

Yesterday, the Minecraft Earth (MCE) Developers team invited people for an informal Q&A on their Discord Server. Luckily, some very exciting and useful intel came

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant Event Returns Worldwide July 3!

Many were envious of the Brilliant Event that took place while the Wizards Unite was only available in Beta. Well, now, the entire world will

Wizards Unite Wild Speculation Theory: ‘WizFest/WU Fest’ in Indianapolis…

Less than 48 hours ago, media outlets, influencers, WUTubers, and even Pokémon GO Youtubers were attending the Exclusive Wizards Unite Launch Event in Los Angeles

Wizards Unite: Worldwide Release June 21 – How to prepare for launch!

The anticipation and the stress will soon finally be over for many of you, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is confirmed to be released on June

Mario Kart Tour – Early reviews and impressions from Closed Beta

On June 2nd, closed beta for Mario Kart Tour ended and with it came lots of early reviews for the game. Sadly, as Canadians, we

‘Dragon Quest’ enters the AR/Geolocation realm with ‘Dragon Quest Walk’ – Trailer and Announcement

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dragon Quest series, it’s simply because it’s mostly known in Japan. The series consist of several Japanese role-playing video games

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