Minecraft Earth: Q&A with the Developers – Everything in MCE is designed to be part of the Minecraft universe!

Yesterday, the Minecraft Earth (MCE) Developers team invited people for an informal Q&A on their Discord Server. Luckily, some very exciting and useful intel came

How Wizard’s Chess could be implemented in Wizards Unite

While rather limited in terms of the screen or literary presence in the Harry Potter universe, Wizard’s Chess remains an iconic concept that marked most,

Let’s Talk: Why Wizards Unite should NOT be compared to Pokémon GO in terms of success

Ever since the game was release, and even before that, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been relentlessly compared to Pokémon GO in so many different

Niantic takes legal actions against spoofing/Global++

IMPORTANT UPDATE (a couple hours after the posting of the article) Earlier today, Global++ website went down. Shortly after that, at exactly 12:28 p.m. EDT, the

Strangers Things to receive a Pokemon GO treatment in 2020

From the developers of moderate hit The Walking Dead: Our World, Next Games has just announced a new installment in the AR/Geolocation-based mobile gaming industry

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Potential release date leak

Addtional information from June 14, 2019 Thanks to Gitta Lovegood, WUTuber, we now know that we may be looking at a potential staggered regional release

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