Pokémon Masters: Coming to mobile devices this summer!

On June 27, 2019, The Pokémon Company partnered with DeNA to make a live announcement with a few details, showcase gameplay footage, and drop a

Niantic takes legal actions against spoofing/Global++

IMPORTANT UPDATE (a couple hours after the posting of the article) Earlier today, Global++ website went down. Shortly after that, at exactly 12:28 p.m. EDT, the

Strangers Things to receive a Pokemon GO treatment in 2020

From the developers of moderate hit The Walking Dead: Our World, Next Games has just announced a new installment in the AR/Geolocation-based mobile gaming industry

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Potential release date leak

Addtional information from June 14, 2019 Thanks to Gitta Lovegood, WUTuber, we now know that we may be looking at a potential staggered regional release

Bethesda at E3: Big announcements towards mobile gaming!

While E3 2019 was somewhat weak in terms of mobile gaming related content, Bethesda sure stepped up and announced big ticket items that will please

Google Stadia: Prices, games, requirements, etc. All you need to know!

Earlier today La Presse, a French Canadian news outlet, the details for the anticipated Google Stadia platform leaked ahead of the conference which took place

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