Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces – Everything you need to know

Fighting Forces was announced with version 2.4.0, but no details had been provided until now! This new Brilliant Event is split into two weeks, and

Wizards Unite Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event

Shortly before the second Community Day in the history of Wizards Unite, a new Brilliant Event was subtly announced within the game: Back to Hogwarts!

Wizards Unite: Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Week 2 Important Clarifications

As Week 2 of the Wizards Unite Potter Calamity Brilliant Event kicked off, there was a lot of confusion as Wizards and Witches noticed that

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Guide – 30 Restricted Section Books!

Introduction of the Potter’s CalamityWeek 1 DetailsWeek 2 DetailsImportant TipsTasks Week 1Tasks Week 2 Why should you be hyped about the Potter’s Calamity? Because you

Wizards Unite MAJOR Update: New Brilliant Event Potter’s Calamity – Community Day Details – And more!

Community Manager, Fazes, just provided new details about the latest update for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and trust us, there is a whole lot to