October Community Day: Everything you need to know

The fourth Wizards Unite Community has been announced, ahead of schedule this time! As suspected from a previous announcement, October’s Community Day will focus on Oddities,

Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces – Everything you need to know

Fighting Forces was announced with version 2.4.0, but no details had been provided until now! This new Brilliant Event is split into two weeks, and

Wizards Unite Game Update – Version 2.4.0: New Brilliant Event and LOTS of QOL improvements

As of today, Wizards Unite has been updated to 2.4.0 on both iOS and Android, and as usual, this update comes with loads of new

Wizards Unite – September Game Update: Tonic Trace Detection + Inventory Upgrade

As of September 6, 2019, Wizards Unite was updated over the air (i.e. not through the store) and introduced a very much needed potion: Tonic!

Global Challenge Bonuses are live in Wizards Unite!

As you all know by now, four Dragons have been introduced at the first Wizards Unite Fan Festival, and will now spread around the world,

Foundables Spawn Rates in Wizards Unite

Over the past few weeks, several Wizards and Witches have been submitting valuable data to us, i.e. the number of Seens for each of the

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