Easy Way To Complete The 3000 Spell Achievement For 25 Free Spell Books

Spell Books… Probably one of the worst grinds in the game, the higher challenge rank you are, the more difficult they are to get. Today

Fortress Exclusive Foundables: On which Floors can you find them – Early Results

Over the past few weeks, perhaps even months, we have been gathering data from many of you on various topics. Since we know that some

Threat Level Clock and Win Rate Mechanics Explained in Wizards Unite

This threat level wheel/clock was put together by celebros112, with the help of various Wizards and Witches from the Wizards Unite Discord server ‘to show

Wizards Unite: Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Week 2 Important Clarifications

As Week 2 of the Wizards Unite Potter Calamity Brilliant Event kicked off, there was a lot of confusion as Wizards and Witches noticed that

A complete and comprehensive guide to Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges

Greetings Witches and Wizards! Lady Brittany here with an in depth look at Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges! There is a lot of information when it

Wizards Unite – A Comprehensive Professions’ Guide

Auror Guide Solo Play Team Play Magizoologist Guide Solo Play Team Play Professor Guide Solo Play Team Play Greetings Witches and Wizards! Lady Brittany here

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